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    Default Post hole digging

    I am new at using tractors. I have purchased and used several times a Mahindra 28 HP. Model 2816 4WD. I intend to build a fence with "deer fencing" which is a plastic lightweight type of fence. The fence is to cover an area about 75 feet wide by 150 feet (these are aproximations) where I intend to garden vegetables. I will have to set a whole lot of 8 feet poles probably no deeper than 1.5 feet. I am thinking about buying a post digger for the 3 point hitch to dig the holes. I am located in Kennesaw, GA (northwest GA) where the the soil is composed of a lot of clay. Questions: #1 Will this tractor be able to handle this work? #2 What size auger should I use? #3 There are two post hole diggers advertised in Craigslist, one a new Lienbach, 3 point hitch post hole digger with 9 inch heavy duty auger for $575 cash (no sale tax). The other one: a new Trion 6" auger u-frame, adjustable boom, gearbox pto shaft for $525 plus tax. Can you help me make the right decision?

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    Keep in mind that your 3pt hitch is a category 1 when looking at augers, or any attachment for that matter.

    The size auger you need is determined by the size post you will be using. 4" posts I would use a 6" auger, 6" posts I would use a 9" auger.

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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    I've never used either of these. The lienbach digger has parts available and are sold by a sponsor here on TBN, Everything Attachments. The other one (I checked the craiglist add) I'm not sure of the brand name but find out if you can get parts for it before you purchase.

    There is a dealer in Trion and the same dealer in Marietta that sells these medium duty off brand diggers.

    Your tractor will have no problem handling a digger. As far a straight down hole, that's up to you

    As of the size auger of course it depends on the size post but I always dig it large enough to have a little moving room while keeping the post inline and I try it keep it small as to not disturb much of the soil around the post. Kind of a happy medium size hole

    You might want to go to Everything Attachment's website and see what they have. Good luck.
    I've got a cutting torch and a welder sooo YEAH it'll fit!!

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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    Just to add a little to what has been posted.

    I have the Lienbach and it has worked great, drilled a lot of holes. If you have never used one, remember to let the tractor idle while drilling.

    One thing to consider you can buy 8' t-post to use on the fence line and use the auger for the corner wood post. I have a deer fence and used the 8' t post.
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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    agree, consider strongly using lots of t posts for line posts.... once purchased, they can be reused forever
    wood posts tend to get beat up or rot
    t posts can be driven by manual post driver into the clay you have. and you can use a FEL bucket to drive or pull t posts as well.
    if this is the only fence you will be doing, consider wood corner posts only, manual dug corners and metal line posts.
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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    It's always hard for any of us to pass up an opportunity to buy equipment, but this job doesn't seem to justify a post hole digger. I would hand dig and set the 4 corner posts with bracing (maybe use treated 4x4's if you want to be fancy) and then drive steel T-posts in the fence lines. I guess you'll need an extra large post for the gate but it doesn't look like much of a job. With a good hand post hole digger, I can dig several deep holes in the time it takes to hook up a 3 point digger. (And I'm lazy.)

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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    We've sold many many Leinbach diggers in the past until we were unable to receive enough to keep up with the demand. At that time, we designed and started making our own EA Post Hole diggers in house and have had really good results. We offer several models that will match up to about any tractor from a subcompact tractor to Category 2 utility tractors. Our compact post hole digger is the best fit for subcompact tractors and small compacts such as the B series Kubotas. The 2816 is a compact that is a little larger than the B Kubota but it still isn't that big so our 6900 Hybrid digger would fit it best because it has an extended hoop that will give it enough lift height. We use 2" output shafts on all of the augers we make and they're also equipped with a standard 2" output shaft. Our Heavy duty ETA augers that come with our post hole diggers also have replaceable tips and cutting edges. All of our ETA post hole diggers and augers(except for the 7500 CAT 2) ship free to your home within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC and no tax is charged if you're outside of NC. Right now, we have a coupon code for 5% off any ETA brand attachment.
    Here is a video that outlines some of the differences between the Leinbach phds and the ETA phds:

    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    If you are going to buy an auger I don't think you will beat that pricing, most PHD are that much and more then you have to buy the auger bit separate. Aaaa just get it its a new implement!
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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    Quote Originally Posted by vivancoj View Post
    I intend to build a fence with "deer fencing" which is a plastic lightweight type of fence. The fence is to cover an area about 75 feet wide by 150 feet (these are aproximations) where I intend to garden vegetables. I will have to set a whole lot of 8 feet poles probably no deeper than 1.5 feet.
    Having installed such a fence, I am a bit concerned about these specifications. Are you planning on 8-ft posts, or posts standing 8 feet out of the ground? My research suggests the fence needs to be around 8 feet tall, so the posts need to be taller. I used 12-ft posts, and set them 3 feet deep. I rented a PTO post hole digger for the job, and it was well worthwhile.

    The corner posts especially have to be pretty substantial - the netting wants to sag and has to be pulled fairly tight, and with 8-ft posts you need substantial bracing, which means digging holes for brace posts too unless your line posts are close enough together to brace to them.

    Some have suggested t-posts - I don't know that you can get them long enough, and if so I don't think are a good idea for a fence that tall, especially if you get any weather. The netting provides a fair amount of sail area, and will catch the snow if it's blowing, increasing the wind pressure on the fence.

    Our fence:
    Post hole digging-new-garden-1-jpg


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    Default Re: Post hole digging

    My only comments since you are new with a tractor.... if you do buy a PHD, be aware they can be dangerous. Do not let anyone near it while it's rotating. If you find it needs some downforce to dig down in your clay, use a 2x4 about 10 ft long (or a 10ft metal pole). Lay the middle of the board/pole across the top of the PHD, and have a person stand at each end of the board and pull down on it. This will keep them several feet from the moving parts.

    If your clay is anything like the clay I've had to dig through here in SC, I would have completely stop the action about every foot or so down the hole, and raise the bit just to pull off big chunks of clay that were stuck to the bit.

    Personally, if I were you I would wait and catch one for sale on craigslist, unless you are just in a big hurry to get the fence up now. If you can find a used one, you can use it all you need to, then once you are done turn around and sell it and probably get your money back out of it. Just a thought, but good luck!
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