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    Default Re: purchasing a 30+ hp compact

    Quote Originally Posted by rrostvet View Post
    My 955 has served me well, except the 3 pt could use a little more lift for one implement. It is getting up there in hrs. 2000+ and the crops I grow are time sensitive. You are right that I would not be getting a gain in HP or wt., but much of my equipt. is custom built and many crops are perannual so going wider is not an option. Also do a lot of spraying (broadcast and hooded inrow) so a cab would keep the spray off me. Would like to go bigger but width is the constraint. My 955 is 50" wide and still get some crop damage when late season spraying.
    Well, the 3pt on the 955 is a weak point, you'll over double the lift cap. with a B3030, but other than that, they're pretty well evenly matched. I would personally call dealers of tractors that are close and see how narrow they can be set. I'm telling you a Kioti CK27/30/35 is a lot more tractor than either the JD955 or the B3030 and you could put a Kioti cab (no AC) on a used one. Plenty of other colors can say the same thing and you can get aftermarket cabs for just about anything.

    By the way, lists the B3030 width as 54", and they usually use ags for the measurement.

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    Default Re: purchasing a 30+ hp compact

    Here's your solution.

    purchasing a 30+ hp compact-donkey-truck-jpg

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