Greetings all- I am a long-time lover of Ford tractors (Ford, not NH), but purchased my first John Deere last summer. It is a 1986 1050 with only 350 hrs. It is in very good condition, and seems to do everything it is supposed to, but I am frustrated with the TPH hydraulics. Even at normal operating temperature, the rock shaft does not respond quickly to the control lever , and the implement being raised continues upward even when the lever has been stopped. This leads to multiple raisings and lowerings of progressively shorter distances with each lift. The annoyance level is especially high when using the post-hole digger, and I wish to raise or lower the auger gently and predictably

For comparison purposes I can only use my Fords, which lift instantly and predictably, and the rock shaft stops when my hand stops. The hydraulic oil specs for the JD are the same as the Ford's, and the oil and filter have been changed recently. I haven't noticed if the position control is forward or back, the hydraulic stop valve is fully open, and I have not touched the speed-of-drop valve. Am I experiencing a design flaw in the JD, or is there an adjustment I need to make ?