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    Default JD 4005 vs kubota L3800DT

    Hi Folks, I'm looking at a John Deere 4005 and a kubota L3800DT. Prices are close and both are 4 wheel drive. Warranty is 1 year longer on the deere. Kubota is 3 cylinder while the deere has 4 cylinders. The deere is a couple of feet shorter. I don't have a strong feeling either way and would appreciate any thoughts you have. The table below shows most of the key specifications.

    kubota L3800 DT John Deere 4105
    horse power eng 41 37
    horse pwer PTO 35 32
    # of cylinders 3 4
    gears 8 fwd / 4 rev 9 fwd/ 3 rev
    weight 2657 3175
    clutch 2 stage (wet) 2 stage (dry)
    wheelbase 63 in 69 in
    width 55 in 63 in
    length 110 in 84 in

    3pt lift capacity 1435 2020

    loader lift capacity 1131 1256

    warranty 2 years 0r 1500 hours 3 years or 2000 hours

    hydraulic rear remote capability yes yes

    Thank you

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    Default Re: JD 4005 vs kubota L3800DT

    I think the kubota has less power, 38 I believe? Also unless something major has changed it has a 2-stage dry clutch, not wet.

    There may or may not be a "kit" available for rear remotes on the Kubota, check with your dealer to be sure. If not, either you or your dealer will need to piece something together if you want rear remotes.

    Is the 4005 loader quick attach? Check if the whole loader is easily removed, not just the bucket.

    Kubota's warranty used to be 2 years on the whole tractor, 3 years on the powertrain items, and 1 year on the loader. That may have changed?

    Finally, Kubota is still having problems with the smoothness of their 3-point hitch on the economy L series. Before you buy, attach a box blade or rear blade to the 3-point hitch and try raising it in very small increments. It should be very smooth and almost infinitely adjustable. Odds are it won't be. It's the single biggest disappointment most new owners discover about their L or MX series tractors. For more details, do a search here for "jerky 3 point hitch", get comfortable and start reading about the frustration many of us have been through. If you're going to spend 20K on a new tractor, you owe it to yourself to read through some of these threads.

    This only one of many threads about this topic

    It's a hateful problem, and seems to be largely incurable. Mine certainly is, as was LD1's, k0ua's, jokergerm's, etc..

    Aside from that, very happy with the tractor. Mine's a predecessor of the L3800, but they're very similar.


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    Default Re: JD 4005 vs kubota L3800DT

    I believe your HP numbers are flipped. I own a JD 4005, and it is a lot of tractor for the money, but not many frills. Actually, there are no frills... not even a cupholder Compared to the kubota you have listed, it looks like an easy choice, to be honest. If you like a basic tractor, you'll love the JD.

    BTW: the 300cx loader for the 4005 is quick detach (loader arms, not just bucket).

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    Default Re: JD 4005 vs kubota L3800DT

    Confirm that L3800 is dry 2 stage clutch on a DT model.
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