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    Default L2650 intermittant won't start when using pto driven rototiller

    I just hooked up my rototiller after not using it for some time. I used it a couple of days and the second day I had intermittant trouble starting it while in the field. I would turn it off to do something and then get back on and it wouldn't start. I fooled around with the shuttle, gears, pto lever, etc. and it eventually started and was intermittant the rest of the day. Today it won't start at all. I believe there is something in the pto lever that acts as a safety switch and if not working properly, it prohibits the tractor from starting. Am I right? I found an old invoice where I had to have the pto safety switch replaced. ($12 for the switch and $120 for the labor.) Are there any other safety switches I need to know about. The owners manual doesn't address safety switches at all. Thank you.

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    Default Re: L2650 intermittant won't start when using pto driven rototiller

    Yep, there's a start interlock on the PTO lever mechanism (PTO has to be in the OFF position to satisfy the interlock and get the engine to start). That switch may have fallen out of alignment or gone bad on you.

    There generally is another start interlock on the transmission range selector lever (lever has to be in the neutral postion to start the engine). Switch may be bad or misaligned.

    Good luck.

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