Got it!............Finally! Been off and on trying to start my 918 AC Backhoe and was gettin'worried. After the bent fuel filter and the no-start,white smoke incident the other day, I been tryin' to get the thing going again.
Had done the whole bleed thing with the pump, but it WOULD NOT even smoke for me. Talked to my brother yesterday and he said he had the same symptoms and had to bleed his injector pump(the air musta'been between the filter and pump?),so I did.
VIOLA! With a little ether and 5-6 seconds cranking it fired up and stayed runnin'! Yeippee! THAT'S a good feelin'guys,when you're having visions of injector out of time or bad injector pump and other expenses.
That enabled me to finish my antifreeze change-out by heating up the engine for final top-off and density check(-40 F).
Anyone else out there with success stories....I love ‘em! don-ohio