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    G'day Andrew one thing I have always told the kids that have been around here is to get out and knock on doors. You have to push yourself and not wait until something comes to you (chances of that happening is like me winning lotto). Take on jobs you may not want and do them to the best of your ability, its amazing how a persons resume reads with 10 different jobs and referees as compared to none. There are some corrective lenses that help with dyslexia as my other half found out she was 35 and had always battled at school and with reading/writing and did not find find out til she took her son to be tested and the tester realised that she was looking at the page funny. Anyhow I better get to work myself now good luck with it and don't get too upset about 100 knockbacks the 101st door you knock on may just lead you to the job of your dreams


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    thank you jon u seem like a nice bloke have a good day at work thank you for the advice

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