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    Default Tow behind mower weight ideas?

    On another website, it says the shipping weight of this mower is 500 pounds. I can not imagine a unit like this weighing that much.
    Does anybody have an idea what it REALLY might weigh?

    Shop MTD 42-in 7.75 ft-lbs Torque Tow-Behind Trail Cutter at

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    Default Re: Tow behind mower weight ideas?

    I am certainly no expert, but that doesn't sound out of line to me. The 62" deck under my JD lawn tractor weighs over 400 lbs. And it doesn't have an engine or transport wheels.

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    Default Re: Tow behind mower weight ideas?

    Where do you find shipping weight? I see that it has a displacement of 500CC, but I don't see a shipping weight listed on that site.
    Looking at the part number, it appears that it is also sold as an AgriFab unit which has a assembled weight of ~560#: - Electric-Start 42" Rough-Cut Mower

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    Default Re: Tow behind mower weight ideas?

    The stats on HomeDepot's site state the mower weight is 565 lbs.

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    Default Re: Tow behind mower weight ideas?

    I would imagine the shipping weight also includes the packaging weight ... could easily add another hundred.

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