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    Default Trash Pump Suctrion Hose PVC vs. EPDM

    I just picked up a 2" Honda semi-trash pump for dewatering low areas on my property after the spring melt. Now it is time to buy hoses. I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to upgrade to EPDM hose vs. the standard PVC. The only attribute I am looking to gain by going to EPDM is better flexibility. I don't have anywhere locally that I can go to look at or test-flex EPDM suction hose.

    For those who have used both, are EPDM suction hoses significantly more flexible than the PVC ones? Thanks
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    Default Re: Trash Pump Suctrion Hose PVC vs. EPDM

    Tje edpm hose is more flexible particularly in cold weather and last longer too.

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