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    Default Komatsu dozer question

    I just purchased a d20 komatsu dozer, got 3 questions...1st, The guy that had it before me took the spring off the pump that kills the engine. He dumped the clutch to kill it. I can reach on the back of the pump and pull what that spring hooked to back and the motor will die, but it will not start with that pulled back........2nd, There is a very small oil looking stick only about 3 inches long in the rear of the motor at the bottom on the right side. Looks like you check oil with it, but it doesn't have any marking on it. It has a oil stick in the front top of the engine. What is this small stick? I can't see it anywhere in the manual......3rd, Last but not least. There is an Oil reservoir on the front that has a cap that says "OIL" it has gears down in it. It has oil in it but I can't find it anywhere in the manual either. It is right behind the radiator on the right front side of the engine. What is this? What kind of oil does it use? Where is the full line? I hope this is not too much to ask in 1 thread.....Thx.

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    Default Re: Komatsu dozer question

    Sounds like you might need a better manual.

    You could post your questions here. If you do give the full model number.

    Heavy Equipment Forums

    As a guess I would say the previous owner had a bad fuel solenoid and rather than replace it he disconnected the spring.
    Is the short dip stick in the rear for the torque converter ???? Or maybe a wet bell housing ???
    The oil cap behind radiator sounds like crankcase fill maybe.
    Those are all total guesses which I should not have done.
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