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We can torque the bolts on the outside but what about the ones on the inside of the tractor....just have to hope for the best I guess.....havent had to retorque the bolts on the 1989 253 mf with over 5000 hrs on it in the 24 yrs we've had it, the mf 2615 could be like that too if it were assembled with care ,but that is the american way we want too make big pay but buy cheap not that $23,900 anit a lot of money too a backwoods country boy, but what would this tractor have cost if it had been made in the states.....just saying
That tractor can be made in the USA and sold for $23,900, however, the profit margin for the Mfgr may not be as big. The dealer made about $2K on the deal and the Mfgr probably made around $4-5K on it. Ken Sweet