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    Default Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    Ok I, periodically, see threads regarding bucket levels. There are all kinds of bucket level designs out there. Well I have been testing a bucket level indicator that I designed and fabricated. I showed it to a couple of friends of mine and they said patent that design ????, it looks good and useful . So I thought I would ask for feedback on what the member think.

    This bucket level will indicate when the bucket is level at any height of the bucket. It is easy to calibrate. It can be calibrated for another angle in case you need to id some other angle. It is removable in case you are doing really dirty work and do not need it. It can be rigged to indicate on the dash panel or in a cab. It can be installed on practically any bucket, I think. One welded or bolted on support bracket. May be moved between different attachments; bucket, FEL attachments, grapple buckets, forks, etc. I only use it with my bucket but I see other attachments where I think it could be used.

    A few things I have done with it so far. Unloaded fuel barrel from pickup truck. Just level bucket and slide barrel onto bucket. Lifted debris from ground using bucket forks. Leveled bucket forks then lowered front a bit. Trimmed tree limbs using platform on bucket forks. Leveled platform at desired height. Moved some pipes that were on top of a metal rack. Needed rack and pipes level during the move. Moved material to roof of shop. Leveled bucket at edge of roof. Leveled bucket forks when not visible to operator. Lifted item in a level state within about 3-5*.

    Operator use will determine the tolerance. I have tested with an angle finder and I often have found the 0* mark. There could be operator error within a couple of degrees.

    I have been using it a lot but I am still in the testing stage. Of course I know that it may not be perfect for all. So far, it has been perfect for me and my needs. I am into the thinking and exploration stage. Are there other angles that operators would need to find? Am I missing other things you can do with a BL indicator? I know this is limited information but just a bit curious. Is there interest in this thing? What say you all?

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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    I know some folks like them, but I can't figure out why. I've been using the FEL on JD 870 for 15 years and never had any difficulty getting it level by looking at it. Maybe other bucket designs are more difficult. So is there really a potential market at a price that will cover manufacturing, marketing, and distribution costs?

    The second issue is whether it's patentable - is there anything new and non-obvious in the design? If not, it may be useful but probably not patentable.


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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    Is it electronic ?

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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    Sounds promising. Hope it's better than the tilt meter that I bought :-)

    I have an idea! Send me one for testing purposes. I'll give you all the feedback you'll need.

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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    Does it indicate level, or orientation wrt ground. Is it rugged, weatherpruf, dust pruf. Does it work on side hill. Etc?
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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    This thread is starting to remind me of an old TV show, What's My Line".

    Life is easier when you plow around the stumps.


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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    But will it be guarenteed not to RUST, BUST, COLLECT DUST OR TEAR AT THE SEAMS??? If not redesign it !!!

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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    I've never had a problem with the stock indicator bracket (K ubota)
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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    I have a bucket that is hard to read, so I sat it on the garage apron, then mounted a piece of flat bar to the end of the bucket. I made sure the metal was level to the bucket and the ground and simply drilled and bolted it on. The bar is easily visible from the seat and works very well for me. On my other bucket it was not needed.

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    Default Re: Bucket Level, Need Feedback

    My Ford bucket has some kind of a rod that is sticking up through a pipe which I think is supposed to be part of the bucket level indicator. I just haven't looked at it much. I think it is all painted monochrome.

    My not-quite-new IH tractor has a self leveling bucket. I haven't had a chance to dig up anything with it, but it seems like a cool concept. I suppose one still needs to determine the angle of the bucket, but once set, it maintains more or less the same angle when one moves the bucket up or down. It would be great if I needed forklift forks on it.

    I suppse there are two types of level/angles. Level with respect to the tractor, and level with respect to horizontal. I.E. for digging, you might want to know the angle with respect to the tractor. But, once you have your bucket full, you would want to know the angle with respect to horizontal. Although, often once loaded, one will tilt the bucket up 100%.,

    Looking on the internet, this one looks like it would have promise.
    Iowa Farm Equipment -- Westendorf XTA-700 Front End Loader

    It would be easy enough to make with an indicator, bearing, and weight, if only there was a good visible, but safe place to mount it.

    I suppose the hardest time I have with determining the angle of the bucket is when I have the bucket all the way down on the ground, and I'm trying to set it either slightly down, or 100% flat. So the indicator would have to be visible through at least the lower end of the bucket's range of motion.

    I could imagine an electronic level indicator with detectors on the tractor and the bucket, and able to show both the angle with respect to the tractor and with respect to the ground. I rarely look at my dashboard, but one could mount it either somewhere on the dashboard, or in the middle of the hood.

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