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    Don't know if its been said but get at least one set of hydraulic outlets because sure as he!! You will want an implement that needs them.

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    Default Re: Advice for websites to assist in selecting first subcompact tractor...size and ma

    Quote Originally Posted by boggen View Post
    i simply do not think manual transmissions are useful.
    I guess we will just have to disagree. I can see the value of an automatic when doing a lot of shuttle work, like with a FEL. But for field work and grading which is mostly what the OP is talking about a manual works fine, costs less, and as you say delivers more power to the ground. I don't see any reason to dismiss that option out of hand.
    one foot normally covering brakes, while other is on the fuel pedal (hst pedal), go pedal, what ever you want to call it. i have no other feet to press a clutch pedal if clutch pedal is used after starting tractor.
    One foot for the clutch, one for the brakes. There's a hand throttle if you need it, but mostly it stays in one position in most of the work I do. So no problem.

    trying to change gears as needed to deal with hills, and chancing a "free wheeling" going down hill.
    I've been working with a manual transmission on hills so steep I'm afraid to drive across them for 15 years and I've never seen these issues.


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    Default Re: Advice for websites to assist in selecting first subcompact tractor...size and ma

    on my JD 3032e manual was $200 more than HST
    don't know why
    love the hst as this is my 1st tractor with it and my smallest tractor purchase
    I would think that even when tilling I would rather have hst over gear

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