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    Default Help from those familiar with tc30

    I just bought a tc30 HST and I don't have an owner's manual. I would buy one but I don't want to fork out $40, which is the cheapest I can find, for something I will probably only use a couple times. I have a kioti tractor and most everything in the owner's manual is useless to me now. I'm just wondering what any of you tc30 owners think I need to know about operating and servicing my tractor. What is the proper starting procedure? HOW do I let the glow plugs warm? Is the light supposed to come on when you turn the key backwards because my light turns on for just a second or two and then turns off when I'm still holding it. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the glow plugs or a relay or something. And where should I set the throttle when starting?(many tractors I've owned are different some say minimum, some half, some 1/3, etc.) If somebody could please explain to me the way you would explain to someone that was going to borrow your own tractor for a long period of time. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a TC40 gear, but I imagine the starting procedure is the same. Turn the key clockwise to the first stop. You should see the glow plug light on. Wait about 10-15 seconds, it should go out. Then, turn the key all the way clockwise and the starter should run and engine start. Release the key to allow it to return tot he run position.

    Mine will start at about any throttle setting, but I usually set the idle at about 1100 rpm before turning it off so it should start the next time at a high idle.

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    I have a 06 TC30 Hydro. I also agree with Dave49 in the starting procedure.When it's real cold out (below 0) I like to let it worm up a little while with the cluch pushed in it lets the fluid worm up faster.

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