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    Default Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    After scanning old threads this AM it seems that stories of tractors breaking at 25 hours are more common than one would expect. Plus, there were some engineering ideas that seemed strange. Levers in the wrong spot, seats you slide out of, etc.

    Any good stories here?

    May I be the kind of person my dogs think I am,

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    Default Re: Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    On my 03 Mahindra 3510, the remote male on the left side sits on top of the toplink connection. If the toplink is in the top hole, everytime the 3 pt is raised fully it hits the release collar and uncouples the hose. They are also hard to open as they sit so low on the housing.
    The remote valves should be up and away from the toplink connection.

    Also, Fuel tanks should be low enogh to get a fuel can into without having to hold them up head high!


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    Default Re: Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    1997 Landini 85F. Narrow Orchard tractor. Real Narrow.

    Limit stop blocks on the lift arms, are situated thus that they will contact the Draw bar housing, and stop the arms from lowering all the way, with certain impliments, unless spacers are used on Pins, and adjustment of the stops is perfect. Literally a 1" range.

    Cab AC and filter unit was designed by lunatics.
    The plastic inside the cab partially supports the Condenser unit, and is a really cheap and brittle plastic.
    I have had the thing break and smack my grape several times, before I got ticked off enough to Fabricate steel brackets.
    The worst thing is the cost of replacing the plastic housing, that will just break in 200 hours.

    Love the tractor. 85 Horse at the PTO in a package that is not much bigger than many of the Compact utility tractors. The Spray rated filter is one of the better ones available in Narrow tractors, even if the AC isn't very effective.
    But some of the oversights are a PITA!
    On the newer Landini Narrows, they havn't improved things much, and went to turbos on smaller Perkins engines in order to deal with emissions Regs, and of course, the problems they invited are showing up.

    Coulda been the perfect Orchard tractor...just needed some tweaks. But NOOOOOOOO!!

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    Default Re: Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    Worst engineering thing I've seen is for us guys going from a X55 series tractor up to the 2x20 tractors. Where is the third brake pedal that operates both brakes above the hydro pedals? I about crashed this thing 3 times after I got it. I reach up for the pedal and end up pushing the go faster pedal.

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    Default Re: Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    I'll agree with control placement. The PTO lever on my LK3054 was right where it would rub on my left ankle every time I used the clutch. It would also sometimes catch on my pants cuff. Ended up sawing it off at the bend...a little more difficult to dis/engage the PTO, but that was a matter of when, not if I'd land head first on the ground getting off.
    The key is located such that you hit it with your knee if you turn around, the tractor still runs, but the electrical system gets shut off. I built a guard around it. Had the same issue with my old JD750.

    For a piece of equipment you're constantly getting on & off of, you'd think they'd make doing so a bit less of an obstacle course.

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    Default Re: Tractor horror stories or worst engineering idears on tractors?

    Not a tractor but the engineere that designed the 762 JD scrapers never thought the starter would go out. Its on the left side of the engine nexst to the operators seat. Theres a solid bulkhead there that should have had a panel there instead. You have to go up through the belly pan to get the starter out. I have to sit on the ground and get half my body up in the hole with about 4 inches of room between my face and the block. only one arm will fit in there. I looked really cute for about 2 hours this morning all squeezed up in the bottom of the machine.

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