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    Default JD X300 mower deck lift is reversed

    Hey all,

    Hoping someone can help me. I just removed the snow blower attachment on my X300 and installed the mower deck. Problem is the lift is reversed. When I release the locking mechanism the pedal drops all the way down with the deck lowered. I have to physically pull on the pedal to raise the deck and then lock it into that position.

    I followed the directions in the owners manual and can't quite figure out how to get it right.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: JD X300 mower deck lift is reversed

    it may be a simple adjustment,
    there should be a spring assist adjustment that you adjust at the front bumper. along the right side
    of the frame ( near the front axle) there is a guage to select the proper spring assist adjustment. that setting
    depends on the deck you have. i'd start there, make sure that is adjusted to your deck size, 42 or 48.

    also, using the lift lock in reverse is part of removing the mower deck, you pull the lift pedal up towards the
    seat, and use the deck lockup lever to hold it all the way back, removing the spring pressure off the lift
    arms for mower. when you put the deck back on, after all the pins are in and the belts are on, you use that
    pedal and it's lock to put the system back into normal operation mode, which should include some lift assist.
    then, with your foot, pushing forward on that pedal should again raise the mower, allowing you to lock it in
    the raised position with the handle. as the install is happening, be sure your mower dial is set to 0/install

    double check your spring adjustment and procedure and check back with us,,, which deck do you have?
    was the unit all purchased new, assembled? or did you install the blower last fall?

    and welcome to TBN!
    JD X585 with 45 loader, 3ph, 62C deck, 47SB, 54 blade, Soft Cab. JD F620 with 60". JD HPX gator. JD T23 trimmer
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    Default Re: JD X300 mower deck lift is reversed

    Thank you Dutch, I will try this tomorrow.

    The unit is new and the dealer installed the blower prior to delivery. The deck itself is 42".

    I'll let you know what happens.

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