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    Default site glass

    I have a Century C42L with a recent hydraulic sight glass issue. It was suddenly overfull with no white showing so I drained out fluid while watching the glass. After 5 gallons still no white then suddenly the fluid dropped out of the glass. I put the same 5 gallons back in and the level was just right. Checked it a few times during first hour of operation it read fine then when I parked it an hour later it was full again and it still hasn't dropped this morning. Any ideas? Can these gages go bad?

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    Obviously, the sight glass is working fine - plus no moving parts to go bad.

    The oil access to the sight glass is likely the problem but I don't know how the internal access works. It could be a tube, could be a little reservoir, but it is unlikely to be an area open to the total hydraulic reservoir.

    Could be a vacuum lock on a tube or a drain hole plugged on a little reservoir. When the tractor is parked the disturbed oil drains into the sight glass area and doesn't have a way to get out.

    Based on what you have done and observed the sight glass issue should not be a problem. Next time the hydraulic oil is changed just put in the amount stated in the manual and let it be. If there are no leaks then all is well.

    One other thing that you could try is to lower the level again (or park the tractor on a side slope), take out the sight glass, and blow out the area with compressed air. That would remove any blockage and clear the oil's access to the level indicator.
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