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    Default L130 front wheels tear up grass on turns

    Help!!!!! When I cut around my trees which is a 7' circle the front wheels slide and tear the grass. I thought it was the older tires so I replaced them with new turf tires from Tractor Supply. They still slide. I am not turning the tractor at the tightest radius possible so I am confused why it looses traction.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Be Blessed


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    Default Re: L130 front wheels tear up grass on turns

    check the toe in and make sure it's in spec, other than that idk

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    Default Re: L130 front wheels tear up grass on turns

    Check to make sure your deck is set up correctly, might be making the mower try to run straight.

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    Default Re: L130 front wheels tear up grass on turns

    My fronts were plowing something awful until I got it out of differential lock.

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