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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    ox shoe, horse shoe, stem and bowl from a clay pipe, looped metal screw to hold a wooden scythe handle on, old cast door latch broken, and when cleaning out my dug well at the bottom - a perfect clay pipe from Glasgow, Scotland
    NH TC30, 7308 loader, 7' snowbear plow, 5' hiller, 5' tillovator (agrisupply), International Agritech 5' towable Bushhog. dumping carryhall, camo brush trailer, 8 hp Trencherman backhoe, International disk harrow, International single plow, Sears ZTL 7000, 8hp Roto Hoe Shredder'nChipper, CubCadet 524 snow blower, CubCadet rear tine tiller, working forge

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    I don't have a tiller but I do use a disc that has turned up thousands of medium to large rocks. Last month when disking up my new garden spot on the first pass I turned up a shovel pointed plow share about 8" across the top. Picked it up and place it next to my fence line, made a couple more passes then got the cultivators out and rowed it up. Turned up another identical plow share.
    When using the box blade to level a spot for my shop, I drug out 4 big hunks of concrete about 18" in diameter x 2 feet long with a hole in the center that had evidently been used to cement in some fence post. Evidently many years ago there was a fence line about 15 feet from the property where the property line is now. I have also been lucky to find old broken T post with something other than a tire and used the FEL with chain to pull them up.
    Old house places always tend to turn up some old cast iron parts from wood stoves also. I found an old mule cultivator multi-wrench also. I brushed it up, ground off the rust and widened one wrench gap so it fits my torch regulators. Now it resides in my oxy-acetylene buggy cart so I always have a wrench to remove the regulators from the bottles. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT I always say.
    2010 LS P-7010C 20F/20R gear tractor & FEL, 2009 Kubota B 26 TLB, RTV 900 Kubota,17 foot Lund boat with 70HP motor, 2012-20 ft 12k GVW trailer, 2011- 52" Craftsman ZTR mower, 2013 Ferris Zero Turn, 3 weed whackers, pressure washer, leaf blowers, 7 foot bush hog, 8 foot landscape rake , 8 foot 3 PH disc, 2 row cultivator, 350 amp Miller AC/DC welding machine and all the tools needed to keep them all repaired and running.

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Quote Originally Posted by robs660 View Post
    An oil tank that the previous home owner swore didn't exIst. Ended up taking me a full day with the back hoe to remove and address correctly.
    You got it addressed correctly? How much did it cost in postage to send it to him?

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Found an horseshoe, some sort of a magnetic reemer or drill bit, bunch of bolts, pieces of glass, and 2 rocks with mica or fools gold glittery stuff in it, and rocks of course.

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Quote Originally Posted by soilsailor View Post
    My cable for TV and internet. Cut it in three different places. Wife wasn't too happy. I learn how crimp coax connectors on that day.
    I took out my phone line with a kick sod cutter about 15 years ago. The phone company said I'd have to pay to have it fixed until I showed the repairman that it came out directly below the sod and NOT the required foot deep.

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Once I was out plowing and it came up a rain shower but the sun was still out and just as I was plowing under what looked to be the end of the Rainbow....I heard a thump...I stopped the tractor and saw a sparkle ...I went over an looked an it was like a semi circle sticking I grabbed a little hand shovel I carry on the tractor and shoveled around it and there it was...Wow.! Sparkling in all its Glory just like my Sainted Mother had read to me when I was little ~ It was a big pot, sure was....a Pot of Gold coins , jewels and other fine gold things ...I was so excited I went to pick it up and this little fella all dressed in green with red hair said..." No ya don't laddie ...and he grabbed the pot of gold and ran up the rainbow...I have never seen anything like it.....True help me !

    WORRYING does not take away tomorrow's TROUBLES, it takes away today's PEACE.

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    JD -3020 with FEL and a 16 HP. K-Grow Lawn Tractor (bought from K Mart 1994) and runs great !
    Clark 130 EN Mig Welder

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    A stone arrowhead in one spot, and my hunting knife that had been lost for about five years. I think the neighbor's dog stole it off the tailgate of my truck because it was covered with blood and fat when I left it there overnight. It was gone in the morning.

    I found it last spring while tilling. It held up to five years in the ground and being tilled pretty well. The knife is a Beretta Loveless Hunter.

    As found:

    After a little TLC: You can see the zytel handle is a little worse for wear.

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Hey - what's that:
    What have you dug up with your rototiller???-p4180088-red-jpg

    A clamp?
    What have you dug up with your rototiller???-p4180085-red-jpg

    What have you dug up with your rototiller???-p4180092-red-jpg

    The fun & games kind; not the book'em Danno kind.
    That's the problem with trouble.
    It always starts out as such fun."
    - Randall Brown

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Rocks at the top of the list. Best one jammed between tines, making everything shake.... Took some effort to pound rock out from tines.

    Found an old almost buried deep enough red brick chimney on an old house site while prepping the yard for the new house on old site.... slip clutch is awesome.

    Whisle tilling a field for a pardner tree farm, I found a land slide he lost of his plow a year or two before..... Heck of a racket and out spits his lost but now found land slide from the rear of the tiller.

    Multiple tree roots and stumps
    790 JD W/ 300 loader
    Lots of implements for loader and 3pt
    Can't do it burn'n diesel, is not worth do'n

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Found the concrete remnant of a clothesline post, ended up digging it out with the FEL so I could finish tilling the neighbors garden.

    MF GC2400, FEL, 60in.MMM, 5ft. Cultivator, Single Bottom Plow, Bush Hog RTC48 tiller, MF 2360 front mount snowblower, 5ft backblade. BXpanded Piranha toothbar.

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