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    Default What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Last Saturday I was tilling the garden spot when the tiller went over something pretty hard that made some racket. I thought I should stop, get off, and check it out but I didn't. Went back over the same spot for a 2nd pass and it did it again so I said to self, ok stop and get off now to see what it is. Low and behold, I had unearthed an old pick axe!!! Don't know if it will be any good, it was pitted pretty bad but I cleaned it up with the wire brush wheel, and shot a coat of black paint on it. Went to HD today and picked up a $14 dollar handle. I haven't driven the pick all the way down on the handle yet. It might last another 50 yrs, or it might break the first time I use it LOL.

    So, you ever dug up anything interesting with your rototiller????

    What have you dug up with your rototiller???-pick-axe-001-jpg

    What have you dug up with your rototiller???-pick-axe-003-jpg
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

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    A t post

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    mostly rocks...
    Slash Pine
    blunt and succinct yet sincere I don't suffer fools and the immortal words of Popeye..."I yam what I yam"

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    A stone arrow head.

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    My parents were putting a flower bed in front of their house when I was very young. I remember the Hahn eclipse tiller got to jumping around and we pulled up a tombstone. After a little more tilling pulled up another. So we planted the bushes there and rested the two tombstones against the gas meter which was a couple feet from where they were dug. They are unmarked or highly eroded. We figured they were babies or small children maybe. Parents house is pretty old. They are still resting there hiding the meter.

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    My cable for TV and internet. Cut it in three different places. Wife wasn't too happy. I learn how crimp coax connectors on that day.
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    I was tiling up part of an area around my pond to reseed and behind me something shiny caught my eye stopped pick it up, was an old coin. Hmmm ok not bad, took another pass over the area and found a t post ground level with my tire. Took up to the tire shop to see if they could repair? nope! Ruined.
    Ordered the tire, stopped at a coin shop to see about the coin. sold it for $175. Spent rest of weekend looking/digging for more coins.
    Was called to come get my tire on Monday ( they had a takeoff tire come in that morning) total cost $170 so i made a big whopping 5 bucks and no more coins
    Bobcat CT235 with Deere Imatch, And a very bad addiction of attachments

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    An oil tank that the previous home owner swore didn't exIst. Ended up taking me a full day with the back hoe to remove and address correctly.

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    Rototilling at the neighbor's, I picked up twenty feet of 3/8" chain - all wrapped into the tines!! Dog mushers in Alaska have "Dog Lots". Dedicated areas that are dotted with dog houses usually 15' - 20' apart. Just in front of the house is a large post sunk into the ground and a heavy log chain is attached to the post and to the dog.

    After the 1st chain - I left.... no sense pushing my luck any more.

    Told the gal that I'd come back after she broke the ground up enough to find any more buried hardware.

    "Most people want to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

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    Default Re: What have you dug up with your rototiller???

    About 20 pieces of bale twine , most were full length, after getting the bright idea to spread out a large pile of aged and turned horse manure, to till and then re-pile for fertilizer...
    decided to pressure wash the auger so it wasn't so nasty to handle the twine,..ever had a 2500 psi washer spray back in your face after hitting a surface (at the wrong angle) Whose dumb idea was it to pressure wash the manure covered auger ... oh yeah...
    At least I ended up with fertilizer that looked a lot like the stuff the farm stores get good money for...
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