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    Default They run better on diesel

    Just a little tip. If you own a diesel tractor with a drain at the bottom of the filter housing, occasionally open it up and let a few drops out. I started my MF 245 this weekend for the first time since the fall. It started and ran great for a few minutes but started losing power and smoking, then eventually died. I could crank it and get it to run for a few seconds if I waited a few minutes between attempts.

    Long story short, there was about a pint of water in the fuel system. I opened the drain below the filter and let it drip for 10-12 minutes before something that wasn't obviously plain water started dripping out. Not surprisingly it ran like a champ after that.

    Jus something to think about if your tractor isn't running like you know it should.

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    Default Re: They run better on diesel

    Also if you fill before storeing,it helps keep the moisture down.I Power Service all my fuel also,I think it helps.

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