I bought this tractor a couple of years ago and thought I was getting a good deal... Found that the engine had spun a bearing and had a bad knock. So I had Keno Tractor in Klamath Falls rebuild it and it runs like a champ. I use it quite a bit... But I have noticed as time has gone on that it gets harder and harder to start. I'll crank it and it will smoke like crazy... and every 5 seconds it will kick once. After cranking for several minutes it will eventually catch and start. The electrical on this tractor has never been right and It is not set up to recharge the battery... some one told me that I could take one wire and run it to the positive post on the battery... but I'm not sure from where I should draw it from... As far as the starting is concerned, I was wondering whether changing out the glow plugs might be the answer. After it is running, I purrs like a kitten. But I would like to get it backlike it was... any ideas about this hard to start issue... Thanks Britt.