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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Well, I can't top these methods! I think I use a bit of all of them, from the sedimentary method to labeled containers. Probably why I can usually find what I'm looking for within minutes, or sometimes years, literally. I found my Degree Wheel 6 years after my Cam Gear fell off because I forgot to torque the retaining bolt while I was looking for it, and finished the job.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    LiveRoll, good idea about the reciever hitches built into the floor. Before you put them in the concrete, weld a big piece of plate to them and a few short pieces of rebar, bolts or something to serve as anchors to give the recievers more ridgid anchoring into the concrete. Less chance of it working free.

    I was lucky enough to be able to clean out an old bank of all of their filing cabinets and check filing cabinets, the ones that are only about 5 inches deep, heavy commercial grade steel cabinets. I have some as tool cabinets, pipe wrenches and plumbing tools in one drawer, big socket set in 1 drawer (3/4 drive), a drawer of chisels/punches...great tool chests. And I have about 100 of those drawers for parts. If they weren't labeled I'd never find anything. In the big filing cabinets I have a drawer of funnels, one for extension cords, one for electrical wire, one for plastic tarps...very good for organizing. I have a seperate 20x30 storage building with more cabinets if needed.

    In my bolt bins I cut the sides out of quart oil bottles that serve as trays in each cubby hole of the bolt bin. Instead of digging in the hole for the right bolt I take out the bottle/tray and everything in that hole is out where you can see it or take it down in the main shop. Think about the bottle laying flat with the top side cut out with a razor knife. I went to the oil change place and got them out of their trash can, washed with gas, great bolt organizers.

    In the old days of peanut cans with plastic tops they worked well but you couldn't see what was in them. I have my wife wash all plastic jars, (peanut butter/mayonnaise) to store screws and other small parts in. I have a filing cabinet drawer full of different sizes, always have a fresh storage jar available. I built shelves the right size for the jars, can easily see what is in them.

    I keep new boxes of different size ziplock bags, (sandwich, snack, quart & gallon) to put parts in when tearing down something and don't want to lose parts if it will not be finished that day or needs to be moved or gotten out of the way until I get parts to finish.

    I have several plastic totes so I can put a carbureator or starter or something small into it while I wait on parts. Less chance of losing anything.

    I gutted an old big microwave years ago, took out all electrical parts and only saved the light bulb fixture and it works off of a single toggle switch. It made a great welding rod oven, if damp weather, turn the light on, heat keeps them dried out. A lot smaller than the old refrigerator some guys use.

    Everything toolwise has its place, put it back so you can easily find it next time.

    With all these cabinets and drawers you'd think I had a neat well organized shop. It is organized but like others, things accumulate, it still gets cluttered. So I have a sign that says, "this is my workshop, don't mess with my mess". I know where it's at, don't move it, I can't find it if you do.
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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Some 60 years ago my dad told me that there's "a place for everything and everything in it's place". I tell my wife " find a home for that thing and take it home after you use it". Whichever works for you ... but make it a habit and you'll be surprised how organized you can be.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Lot's of good tips.
    2 years ago my "shop" was limited to a 10' by 15' spot in the basement and a same sized one outside. Not much room for 40 years of tools. Often any project required as much time clearing a place and finding the tools as the actual project.

    I graduated to:
    How Do You Organize Your Shop?-outside-shops-jpg

    5,500 square feet of shop space.

    So far my prime focus has been to get "stuff" off the floor.

    How Do You Organize Your Shop?-8x6sam_0727-jpg

    How Do You Organize Your Shop?-8x6sam_0773-jpg

    How Do You Organize Your Shop?-8x6sam_0768-jpg

    Industrial pallet racking has been my solution. Plus trying to organize "stuff" along the lines of a hardware store.

    I also subscribe to the "multiple" tool method. Nothing is worse than having to walk 100 feet for a tape measure or a screwdriver. So I have a few "good ones" and multiple Harbor Freight cheapies.
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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Quote Originally Posted by MBTRAC View Post
    Personally I hate rattling around in draws looking for things, so I subscribe to the theory if I can't see it ain't going to get used so everthing has its own place hung up on the walls or is visible on open shelves:-
    You are absolutely amazing .How do you get all this done in such a hardass environment

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    well i sure don't have the best system but i can find what i need most of the time. all my hand tools in tool box the yellow cabnets are labeled and the nut and bolt cabinets i just look till i find what i need.How Do You Organize Your Shop?-dsc00475-jpgHow Do You Organize Your Shop?-dsc00476-jpgHow Do You Organize Your Shop?-dsc00477-jpgHow Do You Organize Your Shop?-dsc00478-jpg

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    I did most of my shop in white pegboard. It works well enough but I think I will take some of it down and put up plywood with french cleats in a few places like this guy did. The thing about french cleats is that you can hang much heavier loads, even cabinets, from them.

    How Do You Organize Your Shop?-156481-438x-jpg

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Well, I made a HUGE mistake a couple of weeks ago. Figured that it was taking me too long to get things done. Spent days getting things organized. Everything all neat and tidy. Now the problem is I can't find a thing. Apparently I was organized and didn't even know it.
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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    Mine used to organized, then I started working out of town. I thought I didn't have time to put stuff back. Then my mom and dad downsized and I got all his shop stuff. Then a friend moved to Mexico - another round of stuff. Now my son has a couple of long term projects.

    Mine used to be I don't have room to turn around!

    I used to be a shop teacher and my shop was well organized. I wish I had a group of 15 or 20 young people every hour and a half or so. Ten it would be in top notch shape!

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Shop?

    I had an old amish fella tell me one time that a farmer doesnt need good tools just cheap ones. Go figure. Always remember dont farm part of the way FARMALL the way.

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