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    Default Mahindra Backhoe subframe

    Hi, Im new to the site and just recently purchased a Mahindra 3616 shuttle. I currently have a bush hog brand Bh that I am wanting to attach to my unit. Can someone please post a few pics of the mahindra factory BH subframe? I would like to see the entire system from the front to the rear of tractor ,and the part that attaches the bh to the subframe. I am probably gonna have to do a little fabbing to the BH to accept the mahindra style mounting system but wont be a problem. I was going to fab the whole bracket system myself,but after much consideration I am thinking that I should use the oem brackets so I wont run into a warranty problem later. I don't want any excuses of my homeade fabbed bracket being the reason my tractor broke. You know Propaganda at its best. Thanks in advance for all help Jason Robin

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    Default Re: Mahindra Backhoe subframe

    The Woods website has a installation manual for Mahindra tractors. The 3616 may be one of them. It shows lots of pictures and how it hooks up. Might be worth the money to purchase it rather than build one. I had to search thru the manuals to find my tractor

    Woods Equipment: Manuals

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