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    Default Re: Is a Cub Lo-boy a good tractor

    I had a 154 Cub LoBoy back in the 1970's. This tractor is much better than a lawn tractor for most anything. You can mow with it although a belly mount mower will cut down on clearance. I had a howard rotavator (offset rototiller) which was an excellent tool (the PTO is cubstyle which rotates faster and backwards from the new industry standard so you need an adapter or purpose made pto implements. I had a 6 foot york rake that I used to smooth some gravel town roads. It has a 3 point hitch so you can have an endless want list at Tractor Supply as long as they are not too big. The split brake pedals let you get out of most holes that would swallow a lawn tractor. I also had a loader on mine which was too much for the tractor. The front end and steering box is not built for an additional 600 pounds three feet in front of the axle. It is a great tractor if you do not beat it.

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    Default Re: Is a Cub Lo-boy a good tractor

    Hey KentuckyDiesel,
    You are correct about my TC35 not being a real big tractor, but since I have a cab on it, it seems much bigger. Plus it has a FEL and I have a Liberty backhoe on the back. I like to keep from taking the backhoe on and off, so that won't work going up into the mountain and pulling a trailer. I would just like to get a small tractor with no FEL, no mower or any other attachment, that has more weight than my garden tractor, so it will pull a load better. I guess I can't have everything, but if I could get a Cub Lo-Boy at a reasonable price, that might be my answer to my problem. Thanks for your input !!!!

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    Default Re: Is a Cub Lo-boy a good tractor

    We had a '71 154 LoBoy. Three point hitch and belly mower. It was a good mowing tractor but with only a three speed trans and 15 hp it was too small for bigger jobs. I used a rear mounted scoop to move dirt but the hydraulics really weren't stong enough to lift much. The main problem we had was a shear pin that broke that was located on the input shaft of the trans. Had to remove the seat and fenders to replace it and after the first one broke we couldn't stop the others from breaking. Finally got tired or replacing shear pins so we traded it off for a bigger tractor. Personally I wouldn't recommend buying one. I'd prefer the off-set Cub or Cub Loboy to the 154. A Farmall A would be an even better choice.
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    Default Re: Is a Cub Lo-boy a good tractor

    We had a 154 w/60" belly mower. We had to rebuild the clutch assembly three times due to burning out just from cutting grass. Got feedback from others saying it was a poor/weak design. We ended up pulling deck out & using the tractor for pulling logs/ wagon. Low gear had plenty of power for what we were ppulling.

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