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    Default JD425 starts easily and quits when warmed up.

    The tractor starts easily when cold and runs smoothly at full power ( under load or not). After the engine has warmed up it will start to sputter, lose power and then quit. Sometimes it will backfire when quitting.
    The fuel pump is only receiving 6.5 volts but is working with a strong flow of fuel. It too, will eventually shut down ( usually after 45 minutes of run time) but it will operate again after the tractor has cooled down.
    A common problem with these Kawasaki engines is that the time delay module will fail but mine tests out okay with 12 volts coming out of each of the positive wires. Ground connections are good also.
    Looking for suggestions.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: JD425 starts easily and quits when warmed up.

    The backfire could be fuel starvation. When I shut off the fuel supply from the gas tank and let my Honda generator, or B&S tiller motors empty their carbs for storage, they backfire at the end a bit just before stopping.

    It's not real likely, but the heat from running and metal expansion could cause a gasket leak somewhere in the fuel delivery system causing the engine to suck air. You could check the bolts for tightness.

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    Default Re: JD425 starts easily and quits when warmed up.

    My 425 was doing that. It was the ignition control module.

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