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    Default Re: More people buying utility sized tractors? and why? How powerful can CUT's get?

    Here's a picture of the rice paddies I most remember.....


    "Happiness isn't having everything you want, it's wanting everything you have."

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    Default Re: More people buying utility sized tractors? and why? How powerful can CUT's get?

    In general there may be an ideal HP/weight but I feel CUT’s are expected to perform more diverse tasks so the ideal HP/weight and Hp/pto starts to become blurred, when the capability is separated by HP only!
    When I purchased my 1720 SSS it had a FEL and an RM-59 finish mower and more than enough power. It had the weight & mechanical capabilities to handle all of what I needed to do.
    My new 60” snow blower highlighted the HP issue. It requires excessive clutch use to prevent stalling when making the first pass down the driveway, and it’s particularly difficult at the end where the State plows roll up a deep compacted bank.
    Winters are cold and the winds are constantly changing and I wanted to get-R-done and get inside but lack of HP prolonged the agony. And yes; I had the transmission in 1st gear and the engine was not low on OEM power!
    PTO powered attachments don’t need to be heavy to require significant HP.
    Additional HP has always been on my wish list. The HP issue was solved with the addition of a turbo. I no longer need to use the clutch to prevent stalling; I now have the tractor I feel it should have been from the start.
    Recently I acquired a 60+ inch rototiller that covers the width of my tractor.
    I have been chipping and have a huge pile of chips that I’ve been trying to compost and the rototiller is perfect for turning grass into it.
    Without the additional power it would not have been possible to run the rototiller at the required depth to turn my compost.
    My tractor also handles my RM59 much better and has a huge torque reserve when I encounter thick heavy grass. I’ve found it to be much more responsive to sudden loads when mowing, snow blowing or running my 25KW PTO generator.


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    Default Re: More people buying utility sized tractors? and why? How powerful can CUT's get?

    I don't know yet piston maybe if the dealer can find a used 7040hd 1 I really don't need more horsepower I have enough I want an hd 1 for the front limited slip and the hydro shuddle shift tranny and the lift assist cylinders on the 3 pt im tired of chutching to go front to back or the other way around

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    Default Re: More people buying utility sized tractors? and why? How powerful can CUT's get?

    Quote Originally Posted by ovrszd View Post
    Here's a picture of the rice paddies I most remember.....

    No Richard.....Those are helicopters

    (cool pic)
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    Default Re: More people buying utility sized tractors? and why? How powerful can CUT's get?

    Newbury's story is similar to mine. Except he started out with a bigger tractor on a smaller plot of land.

    I started with a BX23 - on a half acre. Now I've got a B3200. My major reason to get a bigger tractor - was that I had gotten to the point where I felt it was just taking me too long to get some of the jobs done that I wanted to get done. Also - I had upcoming projects (building rock walls) - where the BX just simply wasn't going to be able to handle doing some of the work. There were also a few cases where I ended up renting equipment (mini-excavator) - to do digging jobs where the BX backhoe just didn't have enough reach. The last thing I noticed was that implements and attachments are more plentiful once you move up from the sub-compact tractors to the compact sized tractors. It seems sort of rare to find sub-compact attachments on Craigslist - but I'm finding all sorts of stuff that will fit my B3200. The quick attach capability on the FEL I was able to get on the B3200 has also come in VERY useful. That was a MAJOR drawback of the BX23 when I had it. I know there's solutions out there now - but they really weren't commonly available when I first bought the BX.

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