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    Default operating temperature frod 1900

    I have a 1983 Ford 1900, when I bush hog my temp goes to about 215......what is the normal operating temp? Is this normal when bush hogging?

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    Default Re: operating temperature frod 1900

    My 1900 has been very sensitive to load on the PTO for grass cutting with the 72" mower deck. I believe the problem in my case to be that the previous owner did little in the way of radiator maint and it was very rusty in engine for quite a while causing the radiator to plug up somewhat. Since I've owned it I've flushed the crap out of it with heavy duty rad cleaner. That's helped but it still will get very hot and to cool it down I have to stop and let it idle for a bit at times. I figure that in about 20 years I'll have flushed it enough that the rust might finally all disappear from the cores. Also, in my case a 72" finish mower might be too many hp being drawn and that too might put the thing over temp by itself. Don't know for sure but that's what I've found with mine so far in the 6 years I've owned it.

    Steve. Normal temp on mine is around 160.

    What size brush hog are you using ? I use a 4ft one on a 20hp Jinma at our farm and it never overheats on that tractor. But, if I use the 5ft finish deck on high grass I can over heat it at will. And why I mention above about how a larger cutting deck than hp can provide tractor can cause overheating issues.

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