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    Default Re: Blackberring clearing

    Quote Originally Posted by sikboater View Post
    One funny part of the story, The first place I was going to rent from decided they did not want to rent to me because I was going to use it to clear blackberries... They did not want to scratch the dozer I wonder what you are suppose to use a brush rack for then?
    Wow, nice job on clearing that out. That probably would have taken quite a spell with your tractor. I'm so glad you rented such a beat up, rusty old beast so you didn't scratch the new one.

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    Looks good. No wear and tear on your equipment.

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    Default Re: Blackberring clearing

    Nothing like running a dozer to put a smile on a man's face. I swear it's the ultimate caveman's tool. You see it, you wonder can I push it, then you try. If it moves you want to find bigger.
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    Default Re: Blackberring clearing

    sikboater, Since nobody else has come back to you on geting rid of the brush pile, I would like to offer a couple of suggestions - neither of which might suit you of course!!

    On one place I owned and where it was necessary to get rid of the scrub in a hurry, we deep trenched and pulled the next strip into the trench, working our way across maybe 8 acres. It was then successfully grassed down to pasture.

    The other possibility - and this involves quite a bit of work, is to clear out the thickest stuff (3 or 4 inches I think you said earlier) possibly using it for firewood. It could be chipped of course, but may cost too much. If there is only small stuff left, then treat it as a huge compost heap. It will eventually break down into good compost. How long depends on your weather. If it dries out in the summer then it will take a lot longer than if it is kept moist. If you are in a position to spread animal manure over the heap, or green vegetable matter, then the time will also be speeded up. It all has to do with the combination of the high amount of carbon you have in there in relation to a low amount of nitrogen. Air and moisture are the only other limiting factors.

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    I was definitely doing that with the trees.. I pushed down some small ones and just wanted to go bigger....

    OldMcDonald, thanks for the suggestions... Still not sure about what we are going to do with the pile. I told the landowner that for now it was going to stay. I think you can take it to the dump for free recycling but have to truck it there. Maybe with a big excavator we could bury it.... If it was my property, I would probably just leave it and slowly work it down over a couple of years.


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