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    Default radio problems john deere 2850

    hi everyone,
    my latest problem that i am trying to fix is this.
    Recently we have had a young lad come to our farm to work, i told him to charge the battery of the tractor, he did so charging the battery on max and on the jump start setting all night then the next morning took the positive cable off but left the negitive on. the result was not pretty!. we tried for 3 day to ressurect the battery but in the end i had to go and buy two new batterys as both were dead.
    having gotten the new batterys i started it up where upon i discovered why my tractor is going through battery charge like no other. when it started i heard a static like noise ...terified that this was the battery i killed the ignition and checked to make sure i had hooked it up right all was fine. so started it up again, the static noise came again (please note that i only have 40% hearing in the one ear the other hears nothing) so after five min of locating the noise i discovered that the radio will not turn off and is slowly draining the battery.

    so here's my question, is it an somewhat easy and fairly straight forward job to disconnect the radio from the battery? (we long lost the antena so we never have the radio on its more of a decorational feature ;D) i could not locate a 'eject' button that allows me to remove the radio face (besides this will not solve the shorting out problem that is draining the batteries) , so it looks like a whole removal job with a screw driver and a pair of cutters which sounds a bit involved. Some advice and instruactions would be much appreaciated
    p.s. i didnt know which forum to post this in sorry. :s

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    Default Re: radio problems john deere 2850

    Not being familiar with a 2850 is radio mounted in the cab headliner with a grill such as in the parts photo from a 2950? If so remove 6 screws holding grill lower radio/grill to access elect connector plug.
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