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    Default Loader question

    I am choosing a compact at the moment - at the moment looking hard at JD4115 and kubota 2710 - doesn't seem a good blue dealer within reach, although I am working on it.

    This is my first tractor purchase so I am fairly clueless, and this board has been a great help - what a great bunch of people!

    I will get a manufacturer supplied FEL on the tractor - I have been convinced I must have one by everything I have seen on here

    The Kubota website is very helpful on loaders, the LA681 model is recommended for the B2710. The site says it has a "digging depth" of 140mm.

    I would like to know what that means - what can I actually expect to be able to do with the loader - if the ground is not too dry will I be able to skim off turf for example? I hadn't realised you could use a loader to dig at all - I thought you could use it to shift heaps of stuff only.

    Also, is one or other of the tractors I have mentioned clearly better in respect of the loader attachment - in terms of what you can actually make the loader do, both versatility and power?

    I am in the UK btw - so these are the model numbers available to me here.

    Cheers Mike

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    Default Re: Loader question

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( a "digging depth" of 140mm. I would like to know what that means )</font>

    Mike, what that means is that if the tractor is sitting on level ground and you lower the bucket with the bucket level, the front end loader will allow the bucket to go 140 mm lower than the wheels on the tractor; i.e., the bucket can go to a lower plane than that the wheels are sitting on.

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( if the ground is not too dry will I be able to skim off turf for example? )</font>

    Yes, you can skim 140 mm below the surface with the bucket level . . . theoretically at least. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] Now it can certainly be done under ideal conditions, and I have done that, but frequently the ground is either too hard and dry or too wet and muddy, in either of which case, you will spin your wheels instead of digging. Adding wheel weights, a counterweight on the 3-point hitch, and/or filling the tires with liquid will add weight and make it dig better. If you're just wanting to skim turf to replant, you may or may not do well, but if you're just wanting to dig, then a toothbar on the front of the bucket will greatly enhance your ability to do so.

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( is one or other of the tractors I have mentioned clearly better )</font>

    I had the B2710 with the LA401 loader (now they use the LA402 in this country) and really liked it, but I haven't personally used a JD4115 so I can't comment on the comparison. Either one will be a nice machine for you though.

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    Default Re: Loader question

    Bird took care of your questions pretty well. Just one further point. If you plan on doing any real digging with your loader you will probably want a tooth bar on it. They really help when digging the hard stuff.

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    Default Re: Loader question

    As Slowrev said . . . get the toothbar.

    I put about 50 hours of loader work on my tractor (kubota b2910) in the past 18 months without a toothbar. Finally got the dough and ponied up for one. WOW is all I can say. It improved the digging capabilities of my machine at least 50%. But don't take my word for it, do a search in the Attachments section for "toothbar" and you'll find that they are universally praised.

    I have been using my tractor to transport soil from one part of my ten acres to the area around my house to make lawn. For some reason, the previous owner built it in the rockiest place possible. Maybe it's because it's also offers the best view. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Anyway, the toothbar has already paid for itself twice over in the amount of dirt I have been able to dig. Couldn't get the job done last year with the plain 54" bucket.

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    Default Re: Loader question

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to TBN.

    I believe Bird and others have answered your questions pretty well. My question is to you and any others that are a bit more knowledgeable than I on kubota international marketing.

    You mention that an LA681 loader is specified for the B2710? In the U.S., the LA402 is put on the B2710/2910/7800 series. The 402 is the lift weight in kilograms. Does the 681 represent the lift weight on that loader? If so, then that's an extra 280 kgs, or about 600 pounds more weight than the LA402's can handle. What's up with that? If that's the case, we folks in the states are getting the fuzzy end of the lolli-pop, so to speak.

    Not that I've ever needed more than the LA402 can lift, still, more capacity wouldn't hurt.

    Did Kubota reduce the loader lift capacity to minimize their susceptability to lawsuits? It would seem more loader capacity would increase the chance for a roll-over.

    Does anyone know?


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    Default Re: Loader question

    I just got a JD 4115 with a 410 loader. It came with a tooth bar already installed. My old Kioti didn't have a tooth bar or separate pumps for the of difference. The tooth bar is definately worth it if you're going to use the FEL much at all.
    I love the JD....we do a lot of loader work, and theres a lot of back and forth work going on. I liked the dual hydro pedals on the JD much better than the NH, or 'Bota.

    You won't go wrong with either tractor, but get a tooth bar. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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