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    Default Full time 4WD ?

    Waiting for my new Kioti DK40. On my previous tractor (Kioti CK25) I pretty much left it in 4WD. Maybe once or twice in 5 years I was in 2WD for traveling on an asphalt road. Now with my new tractor I want to do things right.

    Is there any problem keeping it in 4WD or should I stay in2WD unless I need 4WD?

    I know in my truck every month I run it around the property in 4High and than 4Low to keep it free running.

    Just wondering if there is a down side to full time 4WD (set it and forget it). Are there parts in 2WD which don't get "lubed" properly in 4WD?


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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    I pretty much keep my B26 TLB in 4 WD all the time unless I am on an asphalt surface mostly because it has R4 tires and need 4 WD to have any amount of traction.
    On my LS P7010 with Ag tires, I mostly run in 2 WD when mowing and only switch to 4 WD when I need the extra traction or if I get hung up when crossing a steep ditch at an angle. If you get one wheel off the ground you wont go anywhere and sometimes even in 4 WD you can get hung up and have to use the differential lock or FEL to push yourself off.
    I don't think you will hurt anything running in 4 wd all the time if you avoid running on dry hard ground and making really sharp turns. On grassy surfaces you wont hurt a thing other than maybe the grass a bit.
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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    About any time my loader is on, I am in 4wd except for driving on a road.

    It only takes once of forgetting to put in back in 4wd and going down a hill to realize that whatever harm may be done, is well worth the insurance of being able to stop.
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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    Also will give you front brakes when engaged!


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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    Wears the front tires quicker when in 4WD. I only use it when in muddy ground or pulling a heavy load on uneven ground.
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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1 View Post
    About any time my loader is on, I am in 4wd except for driving on a road.

    It only takes once of forgetting to put in back in 4wd and going down a hill to realize that whatever harm may be done, is well worth the insurance of being able to stop.
    Amen to that... speaking from experience sliding/hopping down a hill. With hydrostatic and 4WD you have extra built in braking on downhill slopes.

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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    your q is very tricky.on my mx5100 hst i pretty much left it in 4wd if i was working it.then it was took out of 4wd drive unless its needed.i have yet to put the 7040 in 4wd drive.

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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    I run my M6040 in 2WD all the time - except - when I need the extra traction or pulling power. Its in 4WD when I backblade snow in the winter. Its in 4WD when I try to cross the moat - in the spring - before I should really try. Its in 4WD when I use the come along to get it out of the moat after I get it stuck.

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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    In my tractor manual it is called 4wd assist, I take that to mean it is for assisting the rears when needed and not for use all the time. I only use the 4wd when I need the added traction because it will rip grass out and when on hard surfaces it will make the front "jump" (bind) when turning. I can't believe that is a good thing!

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    Default Re: Full time 4WD ?

    I pretty much leave ours in 4WD. But then we also leave the FEL and BH on it. Rarely take either off. Our ground is not all that hard. If I plan on being on the pavement for a prolonged time I will put it in 2WD. But, just to drive across the road or even from my drive to my brothers drive, we don't bother. Keep it in 4WD to load/unload also.

    I do plan to remove the BH and use a tiller. Haven't done this with this particular tractor yet. When I do, I will probably keep it in 4WD since I will be tilling at maximum depth. However, if I were to put the mower on the back, I might use 2WD for mowing.
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