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    Default Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    My kubota L3200 will be delivered here this weekend & I'm planning on mounting a fire extinguisher on it, but trying to figure out what type to get. The powder type ABC ones work best for most stuff you'd encounter on a tractor or in a field. However I was wondering if it would be a decent option for dealing with a runaway diesel. I expect a CO2 or Halon (if you could even find one) would be better for a runaway, but not cover quite as many materials (Class BC, not A).

    Would a powder ABC plug up an air filter & stop the runaway, or go through the filter and do naughty abrasive things to the engine (which may or may not be better than a runaway)?

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    Would a plastic bag over the intake work?

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    You need a gas CO2 extinguisher, not a powder type if you're worried about a runaway diesel.
    Get yourself a green CO2 bottle from a welding supply store. You can get it filled there or at the place you get your beer kegs filled. I use CO2 to power my more expensive airbrushes and get the cylinder filled at a local liquor store. A 5 pound CO2 cylinder costs about $80 not including a regulator (which is not absolutely necessary for this application).

    To be of any use at all for a runaway on my Mahindra 5525, I'd have to plumb some tubing from the regulator output to the output end of the engine air filter and rig up some sort of solenoid valve that I could operate from the dashboard to get the CO2 into the engine. From what I've seen on YouTube, you need to do something really fast once a runaway starts if you want to save the engine. There's no time to fool around trying to remove the front engine cowling to get to the air cleaner and squirt CO2 into it.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    On a runaway the best bet may be to exit stage right and rely on your insurance carrier. I've never heard of anybody being able to effectively stop a runaway. Besides, if a diesel runaway was a big problem I'm pretty sure the major companies would have some control system built into their tractors.

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    Not sure how common run-always are these days...maybe if an oil leak fed the engine. Plastic bag over air intake? Old Detroit diesels had an emergency shut-off which was a flapper to close intake. I was always told a mechanic would need to check engine if used at speed- concern was sucking seals from sudden vacuum at high rpm.

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    CO2 would work but your more likely to need a ABC type for general use. Your more likely to have fire from electrical short or friction on your tractor. Hot exhaust/engine and not cleaning weeds and dust off the hot areas are more cause for alarm than a runaway diesel.
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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    Typical tractor or combine fire is oily chaff , straw or rodent nests . Caused either by bearing failure, belt slippage, exhaust or electrical faults.
    The hands down winner to cool and extinguish a deep seated class A fire is a class A fire extinguisher.
    When it's not freezing weather . We carry 2-1/2 gallon pressurized water extinguishers with AFFF added to the water. Straight water tends to bead up and roll off. With a good dose of AFFF or even a 8ounces of dish soap mixed in. The extinguisher discharges a clingy soapy stream than covers grease, oil and soaks into grass.
    You will have better luck taking a wee on a class A fire instead of using a 2lb dry chem. CO2 is really only good for an electrical fire inside a cabinet.

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    What about a Halotron type? They are $$$ though.

    Halotron — Halotron I

    5lb Halotron Amerex Fire Extinguisher B386T | eBay
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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    If you want to shutdown in case of a runaway, i would get an airshutoff (such as the GUILLOTINE AIR KILL from: Stock to performance clutches. Waynesburg, KY ) as if the tractor flips, it would be very hard to get to the air intake.

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    Default Re: Type ABC Fire extinguisher any use for a runaway diesel? What type to get?

    I wouldnt sweat the threat of runaway. ABC extinguisher isnt the answer anyways. Get one for the remote chance of an engine fire if you want, but thats about it.

    If runaway is your fear, you need a air shutoff like what Aaron posted. I dont really like the looks of that particular one however. It looks like the shutoff from a dust extraction system, not something designed to be very air tight and protect from dust infiltration around the perimeter of the slide.

    I dont know what size the intake is on your tractor, but these guys (or one of their subsidiaries) make one that'll work. I prefer the cable actuated ones as opposed to the ones you have to get close to to activate. They are quicker and safer.AMOT-Products- Swing Gate Valves-RDS1 Swing Gate Valve (

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