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    Default Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    I was working with the backhoe last night, and I kept getting spurted with hydraulic oil, eventually it slowed down. I took the plate off and saw where it is leaking from, it's the nut, where it attaches to the machine, so I am assuming the nut is defective, or the piece under it? I have attached a photo, if anyone knows what it is called, or if I can get a new piece from Tractor Supply, please let me know.

    Also, I know where to add hydraulic oil, but I still don't have a dipstick to tell me how much I need to put in, does anyone know where I can see a level to show me how much I need? There is no dipstick under the cap.



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    Default Re: Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    The fitting might just be loose, try tightening it first. Replace it if it doesn't stop leaking. Should be able to get the fitting at TSC or hydraulic shop.

    Current CK20HST has the hydraulic dipstick located just behind your left heel while setting in the seat. Down by the left foot are 4WD engage lever, the flat pedal to step on for differential lock, and in between those two is the dipstick.

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    Default Re: Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    I found the dipstick! Thanks for the info.

    I also tried tightening it, and no luck, it's still spurting, I think it must just be rusty or something. Is there a name for the fitting?

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    Default Re: Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    I went to Tractor Supply and found the part, installed it, fixed the leak, and now I am having issues.

    The backhoe is "skipping" when operating it. It will start to move, pause, move, pause. I added more hydraulic oil and it didn't fix the issue.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    Update - I tried digging with it, no luck. It has no force and is still skipping, lagging. I am not sure what to do or how to fix this.

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    Default Re: Kioti CK20 Hydraulid Leak?

    I am a moron. There is a separate tank for the rear hydrolic oil. Gosh. I am still learning!

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