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    Default D5 Cat Track Came Off

    I have a D5 Cat the track came off the right side. How do I release the adjuster so I can get a little slack in it to get it back on. Do I have to take it apart to get it back on.

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    Default Re: D5 Cat Track Came Off

    Here's a video of tracks being replaced:

    D5 cat track installation - YouTube

    They are obviously replacing not only the tracks but all the running gear with new parts. Looks to me like he was backing off on the adjuster with a 20lb sledge! If I had that job to do I'd sure like to think that the track wouldn't come off again soon due to worn parts.

    You have both my sympathy and best wishes....

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    Default Re: D5 Cat Track Came Off

    I am not sure if a Cat is the same but on my Dresser this is what I do to colapse the adjuster.

    Remove the grease zerk and check valve it is threaded into at the base of the track adjust cylinder.
    I also remove the pressure relief valve near the same location.

    If you have tongue hitch on the rear of the dozer put some blocks under it.

    Start the dozer and raise the front end up with the blade. The rear will rotate up on the blocks. The front tracks will be well off the ground and the rear tracks will be just clear of the ground. But most important your slack will be on the bottom which will make it easier to remount the track if you can. Get it all lined up on the idler and rollers and sprocket.

    Use a come along, your tractor, a winch (I use a logging winch), your wifes car etc, to pull the front idler back to colapse the cylinder. If you have a six way blade you can put a block between the blade and front idler then angle your blade back to push the idler and colapse the cylinder. But you have to do this before you get the dozer jacked up of course.

    Be careful - don't go to far something will break.

    Getting the track back on is usually a chalange. Good luck.
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    Default Re: D5 Cat Track Came Off

    Under the panel where you pump grease into the zerk to tighten the track is a 9/16" bolt that you loosen to release pressure. Open that, put a rag over it so you don't get high pressure grease sprayed into your face. Since the track isn't on, you may need to use a come-along to pull the idler all the way back in.

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