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    Default Funniest thing happened while grading and blading

    Typical Vermont lands, Stone, ledge, stumps and roots at just about every turn.

    Cleaning up where the recent heavy rains did some rearranging next to the drive, Cut and fill on an as needed basis. The Hurlimann pulls the 7 foot back blade just fine at idle ;-) It's mostly sand washed from the road anyway.

    'Hung on "something" while cleaning out between trees, Whatever it was, It must have been hooked on to the rest of the world pretty darn well.

    The Mitsubish K4f-D "almost" stalled as the entire tractor came to a halt.

    But what was that sound? cough, chuff, cough, chuff, muffled cough, chuff cough, chuff chuff. ' Sounded like a proper lady in a public setting.

    I do believe the engine was running BACKWARDS!

    Let it go on like that for about 15 seconds, just to become familiar with the situation, then turned the key to cut the fuel. Engine died straight off. Then restarted without a hitch.

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    Default Re: Funniest thing happened while grading and blading

    I have done that on my JD870 a few times.

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    Neighbor's Deutz did that once. You don't want to let it go long that way for several reasons. Oil isn't pumping properly and you don't want exhaust in your air filter. But no other damage when he shut it down fast.

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    Default Re: Funniest thing happened while grading and blading

    Had that happen many years ago when I was a kid back in '68 driving a big Euclid dump at a quarry. I didn't pick a low enough gear to climb a hill and it stalled out. The brakes didn't hold when the truck had a load on it. Fortunately I wasn't too far up the hill. It ran very rough, but it did run. Only damage was it blew the oil from the air cleaner out onto the fender.

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    Default Re: Funniest thing happened while grading and blading

    I had a snow machine that would do that intentionally for reverse. Of course it was a 2 stroke but even that seamed kind of hard on the engine.
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