I bought this Tractomotive TS-5/ Allis-Chalmers HD-5 early this summer for $3000. I took a risk but I was assured this thing runs. But now I'm needing a starter. The brushes were fried so I bought new ones and seemed like it was going to work but never would crank enough to get it running. It finally quit cranking, I pulled the starter again, made some adjustments, got it working again and put it back on. It actually cranked better this time but still not good enough. I'm pretty sure the armature had some bad places all along that was keeping it from cranking full power. So Thursday, Oct. 3rd, 2013, I took it to a starter shop that I used to deal with years ago. Their 'old guy', lol, that is familiar with old equipment wont be in till Monday so I'll find out next week what the verdict is. If it can be rebuilt this guy can do it. I thought I had found a replacement option but so far if it is something that would work I can't find one. What I came up with was the starter for an HD6 looks the same except for the solenoid set up. The factory starter for the HD5 is Delco-Remy 1109114 which is obsolete and no replacement listed. The HD-6 factory is Delco-Remy 1113714, they actually had a replacement listed which is Delco-Remy 1048998 which is a 42MT series. The main problem with finding a starter is the angle of the starter nose. Just has to be and odd ball with a 145 degree and and a special flange with a machined flat surface on the gear opening side. It also has a 12 tooth drive gear and rotation is something I need to look at again because I cant be sure which end they are looking at it from. If I look at it with the nose pointing away from me it is CCW.
Here is another number which was listed in with the info I was looking at. It is 1113312 and it is a 35MT(85) series, it also said Ford next to it so I don't know yet if that is supposed to mean Ford part number or it fits a particular Ford. Since dropping the starter off yesterday I have also been running the idea through my head about modifying the nose of a 42MT to fit. The nose could be cut off at the mounting plate, rotated to 145 degrees and welded back on. If I have to attempt that I will find a used starter or starter nose to use as a guinea pig.

The tractor itself is actually in decent shape. All the drive sprocket teeth look good, rollers are good, track needs just a couple shoes/cleats but everything else looks good, wont know for sure until I hopefully get it running and try running it around. It has a set of forks on it but the guy was good enough to through in a bucket and it has the wench attachment. The old guy that originally owned it is not for from me so I have been aiming to look him up and see what I can find out. He supposedly was the owner for many years and finally got to where he didn't need this dozer any longer and sold it to a local junk yard which is where I bought it. The wrecker operator said he started it and moved it around. they had raised the forks and laid a big drive shaft from a semi across the radiator housing to hold the loader arms up and parked it that way. it had supposedly been sitting for a year when I bought it.

Anyway, I'm looking for help/info/suggestions and this starter problem. Hopefully it will be resolved when ACME's starter guy comes in on Monday but I'm looking for options just in case. Assuming it uploads this is photo of it as it was when I purchased it. HD5 starter-013-jpg