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    Default Potato Supplier Quality

    Been growing boiler taters for many years. A number of years ago, I started to see Colorado Potato Beetle infestations. I tried rotating crops, using preventive insecticides, nothing worked to rid myself of the annual plague.

    Several years ago the supplier I had been using for many years suddenly indicated (in their catalogue) they could not ship potatoes into the State of Minnesota. I called & asked 'em why, they would not say.

    So I switched supplier to Burpee - no problem. They shipped here. And - no more beetles!

    Is there a correlation here?

    I also noted the previous supplier has changed location, etc. - mebbe they got bought out &, er, "improved" by corporate beaners?
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    Default Re: Potato Supplier Quality

    Probably couldn't certify their seed stock was disease free. I really don't think the seed stock had anything to do with your CPB problem or lack of it.

    Spinosad (BT) products work great on controlling CPB.

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    Default Re: Potato Supplier Quality

    Agree with DFB that seed stock is not likely to be the problem, but who knows. I haven't bought seed potatoes in a long time...I usually have enough left over in the spring that have started to sprout and just use them. I guess that part depends on how large your potato patch is.

    Dunno if it's coincidence or not, but I've found that waiting until mid-June to plant (as opposed to the end of May) helped. Didn't totally eliminate them, but they became a lot more manageable.
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    Default Re: Potato Supplier Quality

    I've bought certified seed potatoes, cut, seared and planted. I've used last seasons spuds, all shriveled and sprouting. The crop seems about the same. As to the beetle, I used to have them regularly, but the past few years I haven't seem a one. Same is true of Tomato Horn Worms....some years they are plentiful, and other years hardly see any. Mother Nature's ways are generally to much for me to analyze. Here in my part of Kansas, I plant spuds on St Patrick's day....March 17th.
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