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    Default Help! What kind of Belarus tractor did we just buy?

    So my boyfriend just bought a Belarus tractor from craigslist. They guy who sold it said he thought it was an 1986 T25A. He gave us the manual that the previous owner had but the gear shift pattern is completely different than what is in the book. All the models we have read about have one shifter towards the front that does forward and reverse and another shifter below it. Ours has one shifter. The top slot of the shifter is High on the left and Low on the right. The next section down is 3L/4H on the left and crawler 1/2 on the right. The next section down is 5L/6H on the left and 1L/2H on the right. The final slot on the bottom of the shift pattern is Forward on the left and Reverse on the right. Has anyone seen a tractor like this?? Where there different model options and this tractor could actually be a 1986 T25A? There isn't much information out there so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Help! What kind of Belarus tractor did we just buy?

    I'm not sure I've ever gotten close enough to actually touch a Belarus but I know they've been around for decades. I'd suggest posting a few pics of it, someone here is sure to identify it. Look all over for any serial or model numbers, either stamped in castings or plate rivited on.


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    Default Re: Help! What kind of Belarus tractor did we just buy?

    Farmer that used to live up the road loved the 3 Belarus tractors that he had. Hope you figure out what you need.

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    Default Re: Help! What kind of Belarus tractor did we just buy?

    It might be helpful to place your question in the All Other Brands forum. All Other Brands

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    Default Re: Help! What kind of Belarus tractor did we just buy?

    I had a 1978 Belarus 250 (also known as T25 A1) for 20 years. It was a 2 cylinder air-cooled diesel and had the 2 gearshifts. Later models had the same transmission, but everything was combined into one shift lever. I found mine to be a very crude (simple, easy to maintain) and strong but heavy tractor. All those gears are not as good as it first looks because the 1 and 2 gears only work in forward. The other 6 gears (3 gears, 2 ranges) work in both forward and reverse. With the 2 levers, I could put the main lever in # 1 or #2 and the other in reverse and the tractor would move forward, not reverse. I suspect the single lever system you have may not let you do that (I'm not sure). In any event, I don't think you have those 2 creeper gears in reverse.

    You may have a later model T25 than the book says.( I found their manuals to be not the greatest.)
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