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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Boehm View Post
    The ROPS prevent us from mowing close to trees, we mow a lot and have quite a few trees and it now takes twice as long (or even more) to mow around the trees with a push mower.
    We bought a big lot with about twenty trees. After ducking and evading branches with the rops, I cut off all the branches that are to low. It makes mowing a lot easier.
    JD 3720 with R4s and bulldozer capabilities.

    13 Millimeter = 1/2"--------25 Milimeters=1"-----------100 Millimeter = 4"----------1 Meter = 40---------1 Kilometer = 3300' or 5:8 ratio

    A 13mm will but will be just slightly larger than a 1/2" nut.

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    Reverse mower safety switch is a pain in the .... Somewhere else (I was unable to find it in my searches) in the forum I found out how to by-pass the switch. It is located under the panel by your heels as you set on the platform. Two bolts and two Phillips headed screws will allow you to move the panel enough (height adjustment knob in the way for full removal - i.e. not necessary to remove) to find the annoying switch. In the previous instructions the gentleman said he used a cable tie and cutting a groove in the switch end to keep the switch depressed. The cable tie could possibly slip. After removing the switch, I used a continuity tester to determine that it is actually made up of two switches, one normally-on when not using reverse and the other normally-off and vice versa . It was simply a matter of unplugging the connector and then making a jumper for the side which is normally-on when not using reverse (I think it was the left side from the back, but check). If you ever want to put the safety switch back to normal (i.e., when selling it) just pull the jumper wire and reconnect the the plug into the back of the switch. As they say, only the operator is responsible for use of this information, i.e. don't be an idiot.

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    It's annoying to fight all those safety features when you just want to do the job.
    Our Craftsman mower has the same backup safety installed but has the option to delete it with the ignition key.
    It has two positions with the ignition on. If I start the mower and leave the key alone, I can't back up the mower when the deck is on. The key needs to be turned one notch back (counterclockwise) to make it work. Maybe JD has something simular.
    The seat switch on my 4200 is disconnected and I've put a jumper in it.
    It's simply too much safety installed nowadays.
    The safest way to operate machinery is don't run it at all.

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