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Mowing 90ー to the original path is not the greatest either. That will leave tire-width square patches over the entire field. Been there, done that (only once).
After the first cut of our pastures when we purchased the land I found the best quality to be obtained to mow cross-hatch a week later. Now if I have to mow longer fields I will sharpen the blades and use a slight overlap with the retreating edge of the deck to get the lingering grass. Produces a good-nuff result

As far as high suction blades, I don't think the results would change much. My cutter already makes a heck of a mess with any dust. The blades on it are angled and increase as it reaches the end. It doesn't really help with stuff that's over a foot high. The only solution is get a nice trouble free cut is to mow every 17 days or so. Not so often this time of the season.