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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    Inside a 30x50 metal barn.

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    My poor Baby John has to sleep in an unfinished pole barn, the back of which is our goat shed. I really need to get the lead out and wall that last bit in.

    Bad lighting, sorry:

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    lean to works, car port can work. just getting and keeping the direct sun, rain, snow off a unit, can go a long ways. more so with rubber / plastic stuff.

    do you need a door? nope, start with a roof, then and a couple sides. maybe 3 sides. if it is short in length. and some were in the mix of that. will keep all sun/rain/snow off a unit.

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    In winter mine sleeps in the garage where it is 40-45 degrees all winter. Makes for easy an start to plow snow.
    Summer time it camps outside under the stars next to my trailers.

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    Where does your tractor sleep?-img_1784-jpgWhere does your tractor sleep?-img_1785-jpgWhere does your tractor sleep?-img_1786-jpg

    We moved here from WI where I had a nice pole barn for my tractor and attachments. I considered this barn almost a teardown because it had a dirt floor, water would run through it, and the barn was old and covered with crappy tin, not pole barn steel. But I put footings under it and graveled the whole floor so now it is not to bad. The tractor and garden tractor and all the attachments are in the bay on the right, the fifth wheel camper is in the center and the left stores my goose-neck trailer. It needs leaks fixed here and there, and would not warrant putting a concrete floor in it, but works good for storage. I really wanted to put roll up garage doors on it but decided to put those gates up that I used as siderails for my trailer when we moved. Actually it is fairly cool inside just getting out of the sun.
    JD 3720 with R4s and bulldozer capabilities.

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    A 13mm will but will be just slightly larger than a 1/2" nut.

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    In it's own barn, shown here being re-constructed several years ago:
    Where does your tractor sleep?-shed-jpg
    with it's toys nearby:
    Where does your tractor sleep?-equipment-shed-jpg

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    In the barn... not sure who keeps who company, next to the rabbits, horses, and cats.
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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Beezz27 View Post
    I am looking for ideas for a new place to store my tractor, I had it in the ideal place (the barn) but then I got the bright idea to keep chickens in the barn , then we got 2 barn cats that seem to love the challenge of playing king of the hill on the hood of the ole DK. SO now I would like to make a new, single residence, for the tractor. I am looking to keep cost as low as possible so buying/ building a new barn/shed/building is not really in the budget right now, but I do have a lean too on the back side of the barn that I COULD finish into a "garage" but that is where all my implements and Grapple are kept. I also saw someone using a conex shipping container for a storage building but wow those things are going for $2500 to $3500 on CL. Just looking at how you guys are doing it and maybe even some unique pics of storage options.
    Kick the chickens out into one of these and put the tractor back in the barn,,, chicken coop on Pinterest | 16 Pins

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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    Normally the 314 & TS Gator are in this shed, Gator sets farther back: Where does your tractor sleep?-hpim3118-jpg

    The 790, 420 & 70 I are usually in here: Where does your tractor sleep?-hpim3119-jpg

    Things are re-arranged today so I can back the 16' trailer in the open shed for a show tomorrow: Where does your tractor sleep?-hpim3115-jpg


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    Default Re: Where does your tractor sleep?

    Under the front porch

    Where does your tractor sleep?-4-11-13-backhoe-3-a

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