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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    Sounds like the top link mount on the carry all is to high. Should be around 15 to 16" up from the bottom link pins. Show a picture of the carry all hooked up to the tractor.

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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    Quote Originally Posted by kneedeep View Post
    Better off without it, false sense of protection and is dangerous.
    A bit of sarcasm, I hope?

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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    Hi Leejohn

    I don't have the carry all mounted. I did measure the pin locations on the carry all = 17 1/2"

    When I began looking for a B2650, I noticed that most of the owner photos were with the rops pinned
    in the horizontal position-seemed odd.
    I asked a few owners and they told me that the top link hit the rops so they set it and left it up to avoid problems.

    I took comparrison measurments on the B7800 and found the rops sits 4" higher when folded down.

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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    Ok, what am I missing?

    Why not just raise the ROPS all the way to it's vertical position? Like it's supposed to be? Then it won't hit the top link at all, right?

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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    I suppose the ROPS could save me from some major when used as designed. But I've gotten plenty of minor hurt from "banging my head on this thing!" too, Since it has to be lowered to get into my garage for service or for parking in my Shelter, I am raising it and lowering it all the time. Thus I hung some red 2 foot ribbons on the dang thing that give me some warning when it is at half mast. Especially hooking up implements or just walking around I have had some real "Bumps".

    The one bump that I really fear is when the ROPS is raised and needs to be lowered after the last pin is removed. If it came down and whacked me in the noggin' I'd probably be laving on the ground.

    So John,,,,,,,,,,,you ain't the only one.
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    Default Re: Tired of banging my head on this thing!

    Looks like it will do the job. There is always a risk but with flat ground unless you are really reckless you are more likely to get hit by lightning than roll your tractor.

    Call the safety police but I never wear the seatbelt unless I am doing something really risky and I would assume many other operators don't either and the rops doesn't do much good if you are not strapped in.
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    Safety issues aside. I am confused. You can't lower ROPS. So you removed it. Then you built a wood replacement. Why not just raise the ROPS to it's intended position?

    Edit- I see bow. You need ROPS lowered to get in the garage.

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