Well, the Ferguson is down, needing an exhaust and an oil change, so I put the Dixie Cutter (5') on the LK. Here are my observations - keep in mind I've been using the TO-20 and that mower for a long time, so anything different is bound to feel strange.

1. Brush Hogging with the loader on is a real pain, I don't think I'll ever do it again. I was so paranoid I'd snag the fence, or whatever, that it drove me nuts.

2. The vertical stack is a pain too, so is the ROPS. I could fold the ROPS, but with that stack sticking up, what's the point? I'll have to make an alternate down-pipe. Anyone know where I can get some appropriately sized pipe?

3. Position control and live hydraulics and PTO are great!

4. The grass was not all that long, but I could not tell that it was even driving the deck, it did not seem to even notice. I ran it at about 2000RPM, and it cut great. Which leads to the last observation:

5. A 3cyl deisel cannot hold a candle to that Continental 4 when it comes to making sweet sounds. We're talking flatulence vs. music! I could barely hear the blades! Oh well, so she can't sing.

Oh yeah, and one other thing - the active power steering. In the 48hrs I have on it so far, I never noticed it or thought it strange. But in running the brush hog I really noticed the lack of self-centering. It wasn't a probelm, it just felt weird.