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    Default 3rd function loader hydraulics? connector issues

    Howdy everyone! I have another day on my demo of a John Deere 110 TLB, and there is only 1 thing I can't figure out yet. This demo has a 4 in 1 bucket, but I can only connect 1 of the hydraulic connectors to matching line. The other one is rock solid. I assume their is 3,000 PSI behind it [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] I just don't have a clue how to relieve the pressure behind the last line. I've read through the manual about a "float position" and that is how I relieved the pressure to the line that I was able to connect. Any ideas would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks, Brian Lee Sparkeee24

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    Default Re: 3rd function loader hydraulics? connector issues

    Sparkee; Did you try shutting down the tractor and moving the joystick in all functions? I have to do that with my TC whenecer I remove hydraulics from the FEL. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: 3rd function loader hydraulics? connector issues

    Spark, do you mean the lines from the tractor or the lines on the loader side? If you are talking about the tractor, John Day's method is the one to use. If you are talking about the lines to the loader, then you should wrap a rag over the end of the quick disconnect and tap on the end with a hammer. The rag will absorb any fluid that squirts out. If you don't relieve the pressure by tapping on the end, don't try to tap any harder. You can damage the ends of the connectors if you hit too hard. What I do is to loosen the quick connect enough to bleed some of the fluid under pressure so you can connect the line.

    What happens is that if you disconnect a loader out in the sun, the lines heat up and the pressure inside is so great the connectors won't work until you relieve some of that pressure. The two methods I've described are about the only ways I know of quickly getting them to release.

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    Default Re: 3rd function loader hydraulics? connector issues

    Interesting.... The lines I am referring too, are the ones that only control the clamshell 4 in 1 bucket feature. so there are hard lines going out on the loader arms about 2 ft from the bucket, and the hoses coming from the bucket cylinders are the ones I'm having difficulties with. I have moved the joystick around in all directions, setting it in the "float" position is what worked for 1 of the couplers. That is the open valve position, for leveling off ground just using bucket weight as it floats to match the contour. I am not in dire nead of the 4 in 1 feature, but I feel kinda dumb not being able to figure it out, even with the manual. I am thinking, with all the electronic controls on the valving of this particular model, that I am miss reading or miss using an electronic selection for valve control. I have not yet tried the hammer tapping technique, though I am curious if 3,000 PSI would love to burst through the fitting if I mess with it too much, and go right through my hand, like all the multiple warnings talk about in the manuals.... Thanks for all the help [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Brian Lee Sparkeee24

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    Default Re: 3rd function loader hydraulics? connector issues

    If the pressure is built up on the tractor side then you may need to turn the key switch to the on position without starting the tractor and working the electric button and or control that makes the clamshell open/close. This is what I do to relieve pressure to our grapple.

    If the pressure is built up on the bucket side hoses then it will be necessary to relieve some of that pressure the old fashioned way before connection can be made. Use a rag so the oil doesn't fly as you rap the pin end (male end) of the quick connect with a hammer. You'll lose a little oil but it's no big deal.

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