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    Default Box blade usage

    I've searched the site for the last hour looking for instructions on how to use a box blade with limited sucess. I have a 72" Bush Hog Box blade on the back of my kubota 3830. I tried using it yesterday for the first time, and didnt do too well.

    I need to know when/when not to use the scarifiers, how low to set them, how to set the top link, and when to use the back blade.

    I've tried all sorts of combinations, but I was just winging it.



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    Default Re: Box blade usage

    If you had TnT, hyd top link and hyd side link your BB learning/work would be quick and easy and alot of fun.
    Since you don't... then basically the scarfiers are for breaking up the material you want to move at whatever desired depth is needed which will varry on the job at hand and adjust your top link for the cutting blade angle either to cut/dig or just pull loose material where you need it.
    Be carefull pushing with the back blade so as not to overstress the 3pt lower arms and bend digging or pushing solid objects.
    Wingging it is the way we all learned so just take your time and be patient.

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    Default Re: Box blade usage


    I'm an amateur myself but can offer these words of advice;
    Take your time and don't get too agressive with the blade.
    I have a 1000ft of road to maintain with a good size hill in the middle. I start by lowering the scarifiers just below the level of the box and by shortening the top link so the front of the box is low. This tilts the scarifiers down and they lift the gravel that is just below the road surface. After numerous passes I tilt the box so it is level. ( front to rear ) This puts the inside blade down and redistributes material from the high to the low spots. After numerous slow passes, I Lengthen the top link even more which tilts the back blade down. This helps smooth the surface. In all three modes I am limiting the cutting depth of the box with the draft limit so that it doesn't dig in too far and create a hole! Check your tractors manual for proper positioning of the top link. ( I had to move mine down to a lower point to reduce the stress when using ground engaging equip. )
    Good Luck and have Fun! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Box blade usage

    Thanks, I played a bit today and actually had pretty good results. I didnt level the box for smoothing, that sounds like a good idea. Will try that tomorrow.


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