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    Default Reloading Tires (??)

    I have aquired an L4200 tractor with one loaded tire - the other one got a flat, and the previous owner had someone put a tube in it, but did not have it reloaded. I would like to take the fill out of the loaded side. I have a 1300# backhoe on the tractor, so I technically don't need the tire weight. How do I get all of the fluid out so there isn't a puddle left over that is sloshing around?

    I may reload the tires anyway for additional stability, assuming the tractor is rated to handle the total weight of backhoe and loaded tires, so the above question may be moot, though I will still drain the filled tire (so the material inside is the same on both sides), but in that case, a little left inside won't matter.

    Thanks - Jay

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    Default Re: Reloading Tires (??)

    I think you want to make sure you have close to the same amount of liquid in each tire. If you have some kind of liquid transfer pump, move about half your fluid to the unloaded tire. Better, have a tire store equipped to load tires do it for you. Around the usual way they load tires is to position the valve at the top then fill until the fuid is up to the valve opening. Then they reinsert the valve core and pressure up with air.

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