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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Finish mowing
    cutting fields
    clearing brush
    dragging trees/brush/stumps
    pushing/pulling dirt
    grading road
    snow removal (if it ever snows around here)
    carrying stuff
    Lifting stuff (the 3PH carry-all makes a good jack to lift the front end of a little Ford Festiva for jack stands)
    Joy riding / estate patrol

    pretty much anything I can think of to get more seat time.


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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    I do most of what everyone else has said that they do and addition do alot of farm work with mine that I don't think the earthforce could be compatible with. Haying, moving round bales, pulling hay wagons, pulling disc, plow, planter, hayrake, baler, etc. I don't think you could ever use one for farming as you need the three point and the rear pto. With alot of the equipment too the loader and the backhoe have to come off and I have to be able to use any of the farming machinery out there.

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    In addition to the above list:

    Removing T-posts
    Drilling holes for posts/trees

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Here are the implements I use. Most are 3PH, but any widely used, standardized attachment method would be fine. In many cases, having the implement front mounted would be nice, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to remove the loader to have the implement on the front. There are aspects of Glenmac's two headed push-me-pull-you design that I like.

    Implements I use and location preference are:

    Loader (front)
    Backhoe (back, given loader in front. Both must co-exist)
    Logging winch (back)
    Chipper (doesn't matter
    field mower (front or back)
    Snow blower (front prefered, but like having loader too)
    Grader blade (either, but again co-existance with loader is real nice)

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Joy riding / estate patrol...

    Thats great...I thought I was the only one who did that...LOL

    add finish mowing
    snow blowing
    grading 1000 ft drive and 3/4 mile discontinued town road
    gravel work
    building snow sled runs for kids
    transport vehicle for hay rides
    added spreader to use for spreading sand and salt
    and anything else someone will let me do....

    Kind of excited, I will be taking delivery of a new 990 tomorrow. Trading in my sweet 950.

    Kind Regards


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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Helping to put dinner on the table.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/eyes.gif[/img]
    Last edited by Thomas; 03-29-2009 at 11:54 AM.

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Thomas, nice one. If ya keep gettin 'em like that your gonna be needing a bigger fel bucket for sure. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    I can see your general point, being: if you use a compact tractor exclusively for digging, loading, backhoe-ing, look at a different unit. I rented the smallest EarthForce for a day. The EF-1 with Kohler 25HP gas engine. It had a real strong loader. It lifts something like 2600 lbs. The backhoe was so-so, probably similar to that of a compact tractor. For $13K, it was quite a performer.

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    RocketJSquirrel - Can I just call you Rocket for short? [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    How long ago did you rent the EarthForce? It must've been an older one - I was told they've been using kubota diesels in the EF-1 (as well as everything else) for several years, but that may not be correct.

    I'm not sure I have a definite point yet - I was basically preparing to conduct an experiment in the open-mindedness of tractor buyers, I think. As you discovered, the EF-1 is a lot of tractor for the money. All of them are, for that matter, but I can understand why most of the members of TBN wouldn't be interested in the EF-5. It's too much money, good deal or no, because it's too much tractor for most folks. Weighing in at almost 10,000 pounds, it's quite a bit more ponderous than a 1000 pound CUT, and it ought to be. But one of the biggest things I was trying to get across is that there are EarthForce machines that are closer to the size, weight, and horsepower that the typical CUT purchaser is looking for.

    I've been looking at the jobs that were mentioned as the kinds of things CUTs are used for and there are some interesting things that came out of it. Obviously, if the tractor is used primarily for general farming, it has to have a typical tractor form factor, because that's what the implements need. But that isn't, by far, the typical use for a CUT. Interestingly, one of the biggest deficiences of a mini-TLB for the typical uses mentioned in response to my question is in the ability to pull a trailer. You can certainly put a quick-attach plate on the loader that will carry any trailer the front end loader can pick up (which, for any EarthForce machine, is anything any CUT could drag), but that's not a very workable solution, in most cases. It would be pretty easy to make a trailer hitch for the backhoe quick-attach, though, and just hook the trailer up to that. (In fact, I think I just came up with another project to add to my list.) It would look a little goofy, but it should be a very workable solution. Not as convenient as putting a ball on the drawbar, but a lot more versatile. (And a whole lot more convenient than putting a backhoe on a CUT.) (Wouldn't it be nice to be able to position a trailer exactly where you want it with the backhoe boom sometimes?)

    For most other uses, it's simply a matter of doing the job with a little different approach. Which is easer, driving forward with with a tiller on the back of a CUT and looking over your shoulder at the tiller all day long - or having the tiller up front where you can see it and looking behind you as you're backing up? My gut feel is that it's easier with a CUT, because you don't have to look behind you to see where you're going, which is where you spend the majority of your time looking. But, with the EarthForce machines, I've already found that you can backdrag without ever turning around because it's got such good shock-mounted mirrors on both sides - which effectively negates most of the problem in practice, but doesn't do anything for the problem of mind-set. As I said, it involves a new way of doing things. Some folks are good at being able to adapt to new techniques and new ways of seeing things, and others aren't.

    All of which begs the question: Why even think about learning a new way of doing things in order to buy a mini-TLB? Here's my take on it. Say you've got 10 tasks and two choices, with respect to equipment: With Machine 1, some of the tasks will be easier to do than with Machine 2, but you can't do them all. With Machine 2, it will be a bit harder to do some of the tasks, but you can do them all. Given those 2 choices, I would almost always pick Machine 2, especially if the definition of "harder" involves adaptability, or learning new ways, on my part.

    So, to use one of my favorite expressions, "relevance please?" Well, EarthForce mini-TLB's have far better loaders than any CUT. You've always got a backhoe, so you can quickly do things with it that would take a long time, or not even be possible, without it. An EarthForce machine with 4-wheel-steering is much more maneuverable than a CUT, so having the loader and backhoe always there aren't the liability they would be, unless the weight itself is the issue. But weight is usually more of an advantage than a liability.

    But, some will say, a mini-TLB doesn't have a PTO. Incorrect. Mine has 3. Two on the back and one on the front. They just happen to be hydraulic. There are both advantages and disadvantages to that. I happen now to like the advantages a lot better, though I was once firmly in the mechanical PTO camp. Just like I was once in the mechanical transmission camp, but am now firmly in the HST camp.

    So, I guess my point is that I believe the mini-TLB is worth looking at for a lot more CUT purchasers than it appears at first glance.

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    Default Re: Tractors, Mini-TLBs, and Life

    Different strokes for different folks. A Mini-TLB would have done everything I bought my kubota for just as well if not better. My uses are:

    moving dirt.
    tilling soil
    digging post holes
    carrying stuff (sacks of feed, bales of hay, loads of wood).

    I also need to manuver through some tight spaces between trees on the property and the 4 ft width of the kubota is very convenient.

    To me it is a matter of economy. I have 9000 invested in a tractor with fel, box, tiller and post hole digger. Hows the market for second hand Mini-TLB's? How many aftermarket attachments are available?

    I bought maximum functionality in the smallest footprint at a minimum price, something someone who uses the tool for work or on a regular basis (i.e. mowing lawns) can't afford. I guess I would have considered a Mini-TLB if I had known they existed and found one at the 'right price'.

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