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    Default kubota 2150 HELP!!

    We purchased this tractor from Delta as it was used to pull luggage carts. I did not have the control arms to control the lift, speed (its a 4x4 hydro), or pto. We ordered the control arms, but at the dealer, where it shows the pto arm connecting is where my 4x4 handle attaches. Where does the pto control leaver attach? The computer at kubota parts shows it in front of the rear end casing on a vertical finned type block close to the top on the left side. This would put the control leaver at your left heal, which like I said is my 4x4 control. All help is VERY much appreciated!

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    That's exactly where my 2150's PTO lever attaches (near your left heel). I'll try to take a pic and post it.

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    well you might be up a creek with that one, As far as I know there is a complete differance in the transmissions housings! You might be able to find one in a tractor salvage but I dont think you will be able to put the pto on that!

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