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    Default 3Pt. Lift Arm Turnbuckles - Specs?

    Can anyone give me the specs on the 3 Pt. Lift Arm Turnbuckles that prevent the arm's from rubbing against the inside of the rear wheels for a NH 1920, 4x4? Specifically, I need the recommended Arm Length(s) and rod stock. From my stock gear, which I'm not certain is OEM as I bought the tractor used, the first arm is permanently welded to a U shaped piece of same diameter rod and therefore permanently attached to the through bolt which attaches to the lift arm. It's threaded on the other end to the turnbuckle and the reverse arm is identical except that it connects to a U bracket that is pinned for attaching to the axle point. I'm just wondering if I can pick this stuff up, or a similar or superior setup locally, as opposed to having to pay for OEM parts. Any alternative setup's, if a picture is available, that's worth much more than 1000 words to me! But I'll take all suggestions to save my tires! My original setup has one arm broken which caused the other to become pretzel (bent) like in it's appearance. Thoughts folks?

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    Default Re: 3Pt. Lift Arm Turnbuckles - Specs?

    if you did replace it you would have to replace the entire setup. The pieces have metric threads.

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    Default Re: 3Pt. Lift Arm Turnbuckles - Specs?

    If youve bought the tractor used then it may be worth your while to see if you can get the service manual from your dealer. Ive always found this pays off in spades when you have used equipment. Take a look at the NH web site and I think you can order from there.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=;modelid=434&amp;cat alog_id=5&amp;prev_page=model_search>NH 1920 Manuals</A>

    Or you could take the measurements off a model at your dealer.

    Im not a New Holland owner but I can tell you over the long run that service manual is probably the way to go!

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